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Comment: one problem . . . (Score 1) 293

Even after decades of following this issue of H2 vs electric, I STILL haven't seen anything addressing the well-known (in petro-chemical and industrial engineering circles) problem known as 'hydrogen embrittlement'. Years-long exposure to H2, epsecially when under high pressure, effects even the best metals and alloys with seriously degraded resiliance to fracture-stresses eg think of glass being smacked with a hammer. OK - so batteries have a limited useful work-life, but at least they don't shatter when pile-driven in a collision - - - who's gonna' take out the garbage ===> ALL THE OLD H2 STORAGE CELLS ? ? ?

+ - New insect (mosquito) repellant-> 1

Submitted by rickyslashdot
rickyslashdot (2870609) writes "This new chemical, called Vanderbilt University Allosteric Agonist or VUAA1, is apparently thousands of times more effective against mosquitos than DEET. The article covers the way this works — by totally overwhelming the blood sucker's sensory receptors — kind of like being blasted with every smell in the book. It should be really useful as a netting coating, for clothes, and even as body spray — all depending on the toxicity of the final product.
Hopefully, it won't be priced so high as to preclude use in malaria infested parts of the world.
Another (implied) feature is — since it activates the sensory triggers in the bug's antennae, it shouldn't have much (if any) issue with resistance buildup, since these chemical receptors are required for the mosquito to feed and survive.
Read the article — well written with a couple of videos — and gives good explanations."

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+ - OPEN LETTER - /. joining ranks of bandwidth hogs

Submitted by rickyslashdot
rickyslashdot (2870609) writes "Short & Simple — Slashdot has taken the ad agencies to bed with the advent of default-ON video ads.
How long will the ISP's and their carriers allow this to continue without demanding part of the revenue — possibly/probably scuttling any advantage /. achieved with the ad income?
How long will /.'ers on limited/fixed incomes tolerate this abuse of their bandwidth before dropping out completely?
Why has /. made this service 'opt-out for a fee'? (Now children, can we say 'corporate greed'?)

from — Irritated and Frustrated /. user for longer than this century"

Comment: Ask Slashdot: Which VHS Player To Buy? (Score 1) 201

by rickyslashdot (#46909545) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which VHS Player To Buy?
Several years ago, some high-grade hobbiests recovered data from warehouse-stored audio/video mag tapes from the lunar missions. The one important thing I remember is that they were able to get remarkably good recovery from these ancient tapes by using a very low (mildly warm) oven setting and warming the tapes for several hours BEFORE trying to read them. This had the effect of releasing the tape-to-tape stiction and also re-tensioning the mag-tape mylar base material. Good luck finding the article - possible by asking /. about it - - - or searching NASA's site. Another hint - tryout an empty cassette first to see if the other materials can withstand the temperature. You might have to remove the tape spool and heat it seperately. The tape removal and reinsertion is not child's play, but is fairly easy with a steady hand and patience. It all really depends on how valuable the material is to you personally. cheers

+ - Here we go again . . .

Submitted by rickyslashdot
rickyslashdot (2870609) writes "It seems like a never-ending story about the failed lethal injection issues with the US penal system. I personally believe that there are a FEW crimes that deserve this penalty — but, be that as it may — it is just plain a55 stupid to continue along this path.
PLEASE bring back the firing squad or public hanging for capital offenses.

In support of that issue, I do FIRMLY believe that some well known 'killer' states should REQUIRE MANDATORY SCOTUS approval before the 'cowboy roundup and lynch squads' are allowed to enact a death sentance.

'whirrrr' (sound of fishing reel spinning out as troll bait'"

+ - Another example of how the fed's programs can be hijacked . . .->

Submitted by rickyslashdot
rickyslashdot (2870609) writes "These types of short-term loans are generally predatory in nature — by design !
They 'capture' a chunk of the Social Security disbursements by allowing / coaxing SS recipients to continue roll-overs & consolidate into new loans (even more expensive).
Each 'catch' can lead to profits of thou$and$ of dollars annually, and can last for several years of 'negative-sum' leaching of Social Security funds — - -
UNTIL the SS debtor collapses, leading to forfeiture and seizure of everything they own !

In just about every situation I can imagine, the final seizure PROBABLY exceeds tha original debt(s)
      and (also) PROBABLY by a $ub$tantial amount . . ."

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Comment: New Study Shows One-Third of Americans Don't Belie (Score 1) 1010

by rickyslashdot (#45824015) Attached to: New Study Shows One-Third of Americans Don't Believe In Evolution
RELIGION vs REASON - BELIEF vs ANY amount of verifiable evidence. So sad to see this country, once the leading proponent for free expression and personal freedoms, falling into the same sectarian schism as the muslam world - who, by the way, before the CRUSADES, were very enlightened and tolerant of their neighbors' beliefs and lifestyles. It's SO much easier to fall under the sway of a charismatic gospel leader than it is to actually THINK for yourself. THIS is why I paste the Canadian Maple Leaf on all my luggage when travelling abroad (ashamed to be an American),

Professional wrestling: ballet for the common man.