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Digital media was so cheap, you'd shoot thousands of shots, and hopefully have some that were pro-quality in there. I never had any complaints.

You must inherently be pretty good. From my experience trying to find a photog for events, i.e. engineers week banquets, is really hard. So far we've been lucky, mostly be accident (someone is willing to jump in at last minute). Either photog will charge lots of $$$ making it difficult for us non-profits, or they will insist it be locked down on a website, or a horrible watermark. I got into a big argument with one guy who does beautiful photos but so possessive of them, "you don't understand, people may steal your photo and make a lot of money from it! (uh, pictures of engineers getting awards will never be valuable like a rock star that has a wardrobe malfunction). If I do find someone, it's either they get stuck in traffic or have a family emergency. I think my next move is ask some college students that want to participate and show off their skills.

Enough of that bitching. Getting back to Stan Lee, Disney bought Marvel?!?! And also what strikes me is all these characters are more than 50 years old, they keep retreading same themes like cowboy and pirate characters. They may be interesting and timeless like Superman, I guess there have been new ideas but haven't taken hold. Though I kind of miss the old school Scarlet Witch with the tight outfit like a Playboy Bunny costume, long gloves, go-go boots, big hair, etc.

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I know someone who joined the Navy in 1970s, he learned proper military posture and attitude very quickly. He answered "yes" and was slugged in the gut. He was told to answer "Yes SIR!" and followed by "On your feet boy! and I mean like now!" He managed to get up, and stand up straight (cough cough, yes cough sir cough).

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Why can't they just be hired to do specific work like millions of other federal employees? This seems a bit stupid.

in many ways it already is, i.e. contractor workforce. Much of Army jobs (mess hall, janitorial, guards, etc.) is contracted out. So much for standing guard duty at some gate that rarely has visitors, put on KP for next 30 days, cleaning floors with a tooth brush. that's why military budget is so huge and yet a very small percentage of all people have any involvement with military services (ask anyone what's the difference between a SSGT and a LTC? Googling is cheating).

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from Paul Spudis, "the Potemkin Village “commercial space program” is trotted out to demonstrate that we are accomplishing something."
Well at least Elon had some hardware built instead of just PPTs. But some argue commercial space companies, "To be fair, probably about 25% of New Space does have some minimal substance, but over the past decade the clear majority of them have never amount to anything beyond a press conference where they make grandiose promises and then beg for money from investors and NASA."

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You don't think the videos they sometimes release are real?

but do they show the good stuff? how about technie stuff but understandably they hold this back, proprietary info. SpaceX has been known to cut the live feed when something goes wrong. And the landing of Dream Chaser when landing gear failed they cut that part out but they claim the landing test was a success (if it's so great then why not show the vid?). I heard the craft did not tumble like the M2F2 (as shown on opening of Six Milllion Dollar Man) but if they're taking govt money (tax payer) then I cry foul when they do a Soviet Russia.

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I asked someone that follows commercial space (he also invested some money into xcor) of how SpaceX, SNC, Scaled Composites, etc. have done something that should have been done decades ago. His reply was this is result of wealth inequality which a few billionaires can spend lots of money on something very dubious of making any profit. Reminded me what Donald Douglas (I think) answered how does one make a million dollars in airplane business, "start with 10 million" or some answer like that. Now there is all kinds of interpretations of what SpaceX does or does not, lots of articles, etc. We may not know the ***real*** answers until years from now (i.e. like it was not really known by most decades later how we beat the Soviets to the Moon). Also note none of us know what SpaceX does except what Elon says at press conferences.

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Sometimes the article goes on and on with multiple webpages but occasionally someone will summarize the topic in a brief comment. Or mention the person that wrote the article gets almost all his consultant fees paid by Monsanto. Not always i.e. a comment begins with insightful items but then concludes, "I was able to make $100K in one week! See for more!"

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from TFA:

I was expecting a tour of the ship from someone who knew it inside and out – instead I was just told “here it is – off you go!”. “Er OK do you have a map?”. “No. The engine is that way, the bridge is that way. Have fun, and make sure you aren’t on board in 5 hours because the ship will be leaving for Russia.” So off I went

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True, but they weren't exactly built to last. They were built quickly. They had a tendency to break in two.

and transmission had only three settings: Forward, backward, and neutral. There was a pic showing one that broke in two because didn't spend time to engineer for steel contraction in very cold water. Must have been terrible when (if it did happen) at sea. Interesting comment from previous post, "Kaiser actually built one in four days in a carefully-choreographed stunt...two or three weeks was typical." Another benefit was Kaiser created employee health benefits as perk to attract workers. Companies did have to compete for employees in those days.

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