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Comment Re:It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permiss (Score 1) 368 368

When authorities do get legal ability to shoot down drones, it seems in practice very difficult to do. Small moving target like back in the days of multiple rapid fire machine guns and flak artillery. Maybe CalFire can get a few of these to add to their fleet of vehicles,

Comment Re:Interesting side story here... (Score 1) 446 446

It's interesting from an employment perspective -- as more and more companies outsource everything, they have less control over who sees their data, and potentially have more people with axes to grind, or who could just make a quick buck more easily than an insider could. So the question is, if this blackmail thing becomes a trend, will companies stop completely trusting their contractors?

I made a similar comment about the OPM hack, someone replied to my comment, "you have been reading too much science fiction." Though it still sounds reasonable that outsourcing reduces direct costs but they also give up control. Getting back to original story, if the hack was an inside job then it doesn't matter what security measures are put in place.

Comment Back in the days it wasn't political (Score 1) 382 382

Maybe not as much as it is now but I remember in 1970s there was discussion about greenhouse gases i.e. CO2 and Venus as an example. It was also when NASA flew Pioneer Venus (I was thinking we have been ignoring that planet). Of course there was no internet in form we know now where anyone can post whatever. Though we have datasets by NASA, NOAA, EPA (though most don't have the training to interpret these sets) we also have all kinds of sites that offer proof that climate change is/isn't (take your pick depending on what political party you are member of).

There was a program about 2000s, a clip of Al Gore talking about global warming. One of the commentators said he was the best spokesman for this phenomena, and also the worst. I think that was the tipping point as Gore is a lightning rod of criticism from the far right. I wonder it might have been better if he kept his mouth shut. There has been noticeable changes in the environment, long droughts in places that need water, and floods in places with too much water, rising sea levels (really, there are many places with large construction projects to alleviate flooding).

Comment Re:MOAH POPCORN (Score 1) 581 581

what is SJW? I know I know, it is something everybody knows and I don't. I guess I'm too lazy to google it (like most stuff I get contradictory descriptions or links to hotrussianbabes and gogetbids) or read through tons of drivel to find were somebody actually spelled it out.

Comment Re:Not just cures, but inventions too. (Score 1) 204 204

At 57, I've been hearing this crap since I was 6.

hey you forgot to mention we will be on Mars 20 years from now and we will have fusion power plants in 10 years (been said for past 50 years). And we're 15% into the 21st century, where's the flying cars? oh wait we have a few of those roadable airplanes.

Comment Re:Non-problems, except for traffic (Score 1) 410 410

We have the worst traffic in the country - maybe second only to LA - even after all the new roads are built. Commute times are horrible.

Speaking of traffic, there are times in Silicon Valley where traffic is really bad. Alrighty so lets create alternatives to roads and cars. Talking with someone (who is very pro uber) the other day who had compelling argument against high speed rail (very expensive and slow compared to airlines), against cabs (it's driven by lobbyists who are convincing govts to outlaw uber), and busses (most underutilized and made prohibitively expensive by the unions). I was thinking, "well crap, we will never get alternative transportations to the car or the airplane with this mode of thinking that shoots down any alternates (with exception of unobtainium concepts)."

Commerce whether it be transportation or high speed internet (which I've read Seattle is poor at both) is important. Kind of like logistics for military forces. Might have the best of the best but if not a good logistics infrastructure (all that boring stuff like food, water, fuel) then only good for parades.

Comment applicable or am I just some old guy (Score 1) 467 467

who just doesn't get it? I casually read reddit like I do slashdot though lots more stuff on reddit (too much, I can't keep up with it all). It seems interesting stuff there but a huge time pit to read and digest it all. Plus have to filter out usual BS.

I was hoping to find a subreddit on specific technical subjects where I can find useful information like in the usenet days.

Comment Re:This triggers my WW3 theories. (Score 1) 190 190

Was almost believable until you said "key sites" and facebook/twitter in the same sentence.

I know of some people will go nutzoid if their social media site goes down for a lengthly period of time. Really. They will get very angry or agitated and they will be a burden during a crisis when others are trying to mitigate the situation. Reminds me of what this guy who went through a escape and evasion course in the Army said remember the "threes." You can't survive no more than 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food (i.e. first get out of extreme environment of cold or heat, then look for water before looking for food). Nowadays replace shelter with Facebook/Twitter/etc.

Comment Re:where? (Score 1) 211 211

well I am getting really tired of this two-party, two-modes of thinking, NFL style mentality. This concept of only two teams like football, you are either with one or the the other (no other choices). And like football, you can only cheer or boo but really have no idea what their game plans are (you see them huddle before the play but that's it). The whole concept of multiple voices and combining different options of running societies is so mysterious for most people. And like football there is only two tiers of people: Rich and poor. You are either in one or the other. SF illustrates this as housing is very expensive, or there is the Tenderloin.

Comment Re:HOME ownership is key (Score 1) 688 688

Exactly. You have to have a house for a charging station, and unless you are very wealthy or bought one in 20th century, you ain't gonna get a house in Silicon Valley. For me living in a condo, EV is only a spectator item for me. There may be some fortunate people in townhouses where they can have charging stations, my garage simply does not have that infrastructure. Other than that EVs are good for typical cars as 95% of my driving is within 100 miles range per day.

Comment Re:no ones really winning. (Score 1) 194 194

take it as a personal act of blasphemy if you try to cancel.

What if you don't pay the bill? I would think they'd simply disconnect or do they send goons to garnish your wages?

Overall in the big picture it seems less people are watching television as many viewers spend time in front of the computer or on their phones. But yet broadcasters seem to still be raking in the big bucks, my perception is they replace all their video equipment every three years (and some of that stuff is ***expensive*** but where does the old stuff go? I'd love to get one of those HD cameras).

ugh, I'm getting more tempted to cut comcast but where I'm situated there is not much option for OTA. Network TV sucks, but I tune into NDT's Startalk. PBS is nice (I donate money to help further the cause), I need to evaluate if I can receive them OTA. TCM seems to be repeating same stuff over and over, occasionally they will show obscure movies (i.e. George Raft story that also starred Barrie Chase, Julie London, and Jayne Mansfield).

For highspeed internet and where I'm at it seems only option is Xfinity (no DSL in my area). Which most of us scream about lack of choices, and the other thread of state govts prohibiting local cities from establishing their own ISPs. I noticed city of Santa Clara (I don't live in that area) has free wifi which seems to work much better than Google in Mountain View (which is worse than dialup).

Comment Re:The Right should be happy (Score 1) 1083 1083

The more clever candidates on the right will figure out quickly that it's now in their best interest to just shut up about gay marriage and to focus on a part of their platform that's less toxic to young voters.

I somehow have this feeling they will still be making a stink about same sex marriages. i.e. Candidates on the right still making a stink about ACA even after numerous SCOTUS rulings.

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