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I was a member of a church where I routinely received death threats from other members. Since I was the "low bar" for spirituality that other members compared themselves (i.e., "I may be in sin, but I'm not a sinner like THAT guy"), my repentenance always made some members angry because I raised the bar for them. The church leadership routinely dismissed my complaints and I was frequently called a liar.

That changed when I confronted members threatening me by looking them in the eyes and telling them that I would kill in self-defense. These members thought I was bluffing and backed off when I invited them to take it outside. The leadership took my threat seriously, as I was scaring the crap out of people. I was eventually kicked out of the church and told to get counseling.

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by creimer (#47768493) Attached to: DoT Proposes Mandating Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications
A friend of my was involved in a road rage incident while in standstill traffic at night. The guy up ahead pulled out a crowbar and started walking back. My friend took his camera out of the glovebox, took a picture of the guy and the license plate on his truck. The flash on the camera going off may have stunned the guy, as he backed away and got back into his truck without further incident.

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Three years after being a video game tester, I became a lead tester for another three years. Recognizing that it was dead end job, I went back to college to get an associate degree in commputer programming. After I got my I.T. certifications, I was branded as "not being a team player" since I had an exit strategy. Not long after I left to pursue a career in help desk support, the company got delisted from the stock market, traded on pink sheets, and became a private company. All my former coworkers got fired.

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If you're a tech contractor, you may very well get fired tomorrow. Prior to the Great Recession, I used to change jobs every three years. My last three jobs each ended after nine months. My current job is a one-year contract, but my employment is in jepoardy because someone complained that my pants were wrinkled were last week. My newest resume is already on the job search websites. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

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I didn't feel the earthquake in San Jose, which is further south than Sunnyvale. The real fun begins when the East Coast media starts running stories about how California is sliding into the ocean. CNN once did a story about a minor 3.0 quake in Los Angeles by showing a grocery store surveillance tape with nothing falling off the shelves as the camera shook from being mounted on the wall. Most Californians don't even notice quake unless its 5.0 or higher.

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I was misdiagnosed as mentally retarded when I was kindergarten due to hearing lost in one ear that wasn't diagnosed until years later. I traveled around the county in little yellow school buses, and puking my guts out every morning from motion sickness, to attend special ed classes. For six years in a row, I blew out the evaluation exams on the genius side of the scale and told each time that it was statistical fluke.The school system made three times more money from mentally retarded students. From the first through eight grades, I was told I was an idiot.

I didn't bother to go to high school. Spent four years at home teaching myself from a personal library of 400 books, reading newspapers and news magazines, and watching documentaries on public television. Learning what I wanted to learn with a wide-ranging curiosity.

After working with my father in construction for a few years, I enrolled in the adult re-entry program at the local community college. With a fifth-grade math and writing skills, and a college-level reading comprehension, it took me four years to get my associate degree in general education. I had trouble getting level-entry jobs because I didn't have a high school diploma.

A decade later I went back to the community college to earn an associate degree in computer programming. Uncle Sam picked up the tab with a $3,000 USD tax credit to change careers. That took five years going part-time while working 80 hours per week as a lead video game tester. I made the president's list for maintaining a 4.0 GPA in my major when I graduated.

Some people still think I'm an idiot to this day.

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[...] a stupid (by Autonomy standards) but ordinary (by Silicon Valley takeover standards) offer.

I worked at a video game company that went on a spending spree prior to the dot com bust. Only later did upper management realized that they paid two to four times the actual value of each takeover. Crap in, crap out.

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