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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 3, Insightful) 203

Who signs off on the budget?

The 535 members of Congress who voted for or against the 12 appropriation bills that make up the budget before sending it to the president for his signatures. AFAIK, the House Republicans haven't written a single appropriation bill that was due at the end of the fiscal year two days ago. This is why the Congress voted on a Continuing Resolution to maintain government funding at existing levels and the president signed to keep the government open until mid-December. If blaming Obama makes you feel good, by all means blame Obama.

Comment Re:ebooks or kindle books? (Score 1) 138

Depending on length, I can easily consume a paperback novel or ebook in three days. During my dead-tree days, I used to buy 10 paperbacks every month. With the ebook reader, I try to limit myself to one per week and switch over to a non-fiction ebook if I get done sooner.

Comment Re:what's the problem? (Score 1) 138

If you want more space on an iPhone, pay for the privilege. I keep a minimal amount of data on my 16GB iPhone and have 10GB free, as I use it for reading emails, ebooks and the Wall Street Journal while taking public transit. My roommate has a 128GB iPhone to watch movies while at work. Different strokes for different folks.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 5, Interesting) 203

It wouldn't be the first time that Congress told an agency to do something, provide no money and then complain that the agency wasn't doing the job. A fine example of that is U.S. soldiers using scrap metal to reinforce military vehicles against road bombs in the Iraq War. Took Congress awhile to pony up for that one.

Comment Re:Ballooning in Venus (Score 1) 47

Depends on how the planets are aligned. The shortest distance between Earth and Mars happens every two years. Subsequently, the launch window for a direct flight to Mars is every two years. A flyby of Venus provides enough gravity assist to approach Mars from a different trajectory. The Russian Vega probes flew past Venus on their way to the Halley's Comet in 1986.


Comment Re:This is going to sound awful (Score 1) 337

Otherwise known as the signal-to-noise ratio in recruiting. Of course, not every resume submitted for a position will match the requirements. If the economy cratered like it did after the Great Recession with seven applicant for every position (a "normal" economy has two applicants for every job opening), a recruiter will get a flood of unsuitable resumes. Not all of it is fraud. Most are from people who are desperate to get a job and apply for everything in sight.

Comment Re:Apples-to-Llamas (Score 5, Funny) 337

When I worked as a video game tester and lead tester for six years, we were paid $16/hr and nearby Sony paid $20/hr. Management always told us if we didn't like our pay rate, we could go down the street and work at Taco Bell to clean toilets after the lunch hour rush. One of the testers looked into it, quit his job and started working at Taco Bell. He made more money, had better hours and more benefits. Management stopped talking about Taco Bell after that. The company eventually filed for bankruptcy protection after the dot com bust.

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