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Comment: Re:what we need are solid workers not rock stars (Score 2) 460

by creimer (#48677169) Attached to: Paul Graham: Let the Other 95% of Great Programmers In

All that great work usually comes with a bad attitude, lack of documentation, and a me vs the world mentality.

Typically these are people who been with the company the longest (i.e., 5+ years). Bad attitude comes from taking the same crap day in and day out. Lack of documentation is the only form of job security that they have from getting randomly laid off. Me vs. the world mentality comes from knowing that their value in the labor market is significantly less than a contractor who makes more money from working at different companies on shorter assignments.

Comment: Re:Why the piss poor state of computer science? (Score 1) 131

I have a two-year A.S. degree in computer programming, which required one web "development" course in HTML. Since this was an online course with no hard deadlines, I waited until the very last day to complete all the assignments in six hours before taking the final exam. Having taught myself HTML with a text editor, it was a breeze to ace the exam. My only complaint was that all classes were taught in Java since the school couldn't afford to renew the Microsoft site license for Visual Studio. The Linux instructor added some C/C++ programming to the side. The assembly language class got cancelled for not having enough students.

Oh, well. I can't complain too much. Uncle Sam picked up the tab with a $3,000 tax credit that paid for my second associate degree.

Comment: Re:As someone pointed out on the radio... (Score 1) 176

by creimer (#48667295) Attached to: Sony: 'The Interview' Will Have a Limited Theatrical Release
Remember that 9/11 was about 20 terrorists (the 20th terrorist couldn't get into the country) hijacking four planes to crash into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and White House. North Korea may have a million-man army, but they don't have 400,000 agents world-wide to strike out at movie theaters.

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