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Comment: Ticketing through emails only (Score 1) 144

by creimer (#49243595) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Issue Tracker For Non-Engineers?

I was at Cisco when a group of coworkers tried to implement an email-based ticketing system where the resulting email thread becomes the ticket. A full-featured ticketing system would take up too much time from what little time they had. They never got it to work properly and went back to regular emails to track issues..

When I mentioned this incident to recruiters, they couldn't wrap their minds around the idea that an email-based ticketing system could save more time than using a full-featured ticketing system. These people never had to wait for Remedy to recover from a network pause or a crash. I gave up trying to explain this to them and stopped mentioning it in my interviews.

Comment: Re:yeah, California is falling apart (Score 2) 224

by creimer (#49238449) Attached to: California Looking To Make All Bitcoin Businesses Illegal

Apple has corporate headquarters in Cupertino, CA, but its cash management division operates from a shell company in Nevada, which has no corporate taxes, to avoid California's 8.84% corporate tax rate. Never mind that Apple also collects $400M in R&D tax credits from California.


Comment: Re:LOL! (Score 1) 116

by creimer (#49198319) Attached to: Anthem Blocking Federal Auditor From Doing Vulnerability Scans

But there's no way I'd let them in my doors either.

Pray that you never get a federal job. OPM conducted my background investigation for a security clearance. My two-hour routine interview turned into a four-hour nitpicking interview. Being single and staying in the same studio apartment for nearly ten years was considered odd. Working a weekday job and a weekend job for a year, and having multiple overlapping contract jobs for several years, was odder. Not being able to remember every detail of every job I had to take since the Great Recession was oddest. When asked if you're going to commit terrorist acts against the U.S.A., always tell the truth.

Comment: Our productivity is falling, monitor employees! (Score 1) 87

by creimer (#49122307) Attached to: Can Tracking Employees Improve Business?

I went through this at one company where software was installed to allow the managers to monitor the Windows desktop of any employee. My manager came running over to remind me that I shouldn't be looking at Amazon on company's time. And then he saw that I had a breakfast burrito from the roach coach in my hand, which meant I was on my break and could damn well look at Amazon. I told him to bugger off.

This was easily defeated because the company next door had an opened wireless access point. We just browsed the Internet on our PDA's (this was ten years ago). Needless to say, with management like this, the company went bankrupt.

Comment: Re:is Sega a failure now (Score 1) 153

by creimer (#49114947) Attached to: Is Sega the Next Atari?

Why compare Sega to Atari? Atari itself doesnt exist, its just a name, its been bought and resold, reused by new companies so many times. No serious original Atari IP remains.

The original Atari disappeared in the 1980's.

French-based Infogrames bought Hasbro Interactive that owned the Atari IP and renamed itself Atari in the 2000's. I worked at the "new" Atari for six years, splitting my time between being a tester and a lead tester. They tried to "converge" with licensed Hollywood properties (i.e., "Enter The Matrix"), gone broke during the dot com bust, and sold all the studios that they paid two to four times what they were really worth. Today they are recycling games from the old Atari IP as mobile games.


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