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by creimer (#47526611) Attached to: For Half, Degrees In Computing, Math, Or Stats Lead To Other Jobs

The presidential debate would be less insane if civics and debate were required courses. Most Americans are clueless to how the government is supposed to work, and aren't capable of disecting a serious argument to separate the lies from the truth. Political pundits have reduced the presidential debates to another form of entertainment for the masses who want to be told to think because forming, analyzing and defending their own opinion hard work.

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Ten years ago I had a normal job in Silicon Valley. But those disappeared after the dot com bust and I became a contractor (not by choice). My contract jobs lasted anywhere from four hours to several years. As soon as the end of a contract is in sight, I'm hustling for my next contract job. Every time I land in a company where the employees have worked for eight or more years on average, I just want to scream whenever they ask me why I don't take a normal job.

On the bright side, I'm making more money as a contractor. I recently ran into an old coworker while interviewing for a new job. He's still doing the same job and making the same money when we worked together nine years ago. I'm making 80% more money than him ecause these damn Fortune 500 companies keep making me look for new jobs. Staying at one company and getting 3% raises doesn't add up in the long run.

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Has the rules changed since the dot com days? It used to be that you could work as a contractor for 18 months, get laid off for six months, and come back to the company to repeat the cycle. If you saved up your money during the 18 months, you could get unemployment and take a six-month vacation. I had several friends who did that, got screwed when the company refused to hire them back, and found work as drug store clerks. That was before the Great Recession.

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Oh, hell. I have no interest in being interviewed by Microsoft. If the hiring manager decides to hire his drinking buddy, he needs to interview four other candidates before he can do that. I had five Microsoft recruiters pulled that stunt in 2005, leading me by the nose for a whole month before telling me that all the drinking buddies got hired. I'll hang up on any recruiter who mentions Microsoft to me.

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How much does an unemployed person make?

My unemployment benefits was one-third of my previous income. Eight months and 60+ interviews later, I got a new job two months after exhausting my unemployment benefits. Fortunately, my credit was still good enough that I got a personal loan from my credit union to cover my rent and expenses until my first full paycheck kicks in.

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You need to be careful about pulling the D-ring in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Many recruiters will ask for references from your last three jobs. You don't want to burn too many bridges. Your coworker might become your future boss, your boss might become your future employee. According to LinkedIn, It's a small world.

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