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Comment Re:Typical (Score 1) 185

For some reason, "Schoolhouse Rock" left out the arm-twisting, horse-trading, and other backroom dealing necessary to get a bill passed.

Schoolhouse Rock came out during the Bicentennial Year (1976) with a strong emphasis on positive themes. I don't think anyone back then wanted to re-visit "the arm-twisting, horse-trading, and other backroom dealing" behind the three-fifth compromise between the free states and the slave states for the U.S. Constitution. A compromise that led to a Civil War in the 1860's, the civil rights movement in the 1960's and the Black Lives Matter movement today.

Comment Re:Fuck this nonsense (Score 1) 185

We need kids who know the law, who understand finance, who will become actual citizens.

We need kids who will become carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other skilled trade workers. Construction is facing a critical shortage of workers as the foreign-born workers went home after the Great Recession, others got jobs in different industries, and most will retire in the years to come. We don't need more lawyers or Wall Street finance guys. We need people who can rebuild America.

Comment Re:Clueless (Score 1) 185

Somebody tell Rahm that quite soon most software will be written by software.

Like the early text editors that wrote mangled HTML code? If you knew HTML and CSS in the late 1990's, you could wade through the source code to manually fix those misbehaving table cells. Tweny years later, I still write HTML code by hand. I even write Python scripts that write HTML template code. Just because software is written by other software, you still need to know how software works when things go horribly wrong.

Comment Re: In three years ... (Score 1) 185

When I worked on the Google help desk in 2008, I had to walk a newly hired Stanford software engineer through the process of turning on his computer. That shocked him. He expected to arrive at a university-style computer lab where someone would turn on the computers for him. Surprising how many software engineers don't know their way around a modern computer as an ordinary user.

Comment Re:Sounds like bullshit to me ... (Score 1) 185

When I skipped high school to get an associate degree from the community college, I had trouble getting level-entry jobs for the first five years after graduation because I didn't have a high school diploma. Never mind that an associate degree ranks higher than a high school diploma. Once I got hired by a Fortune 500 company through a roommate, the high school diploma became less relevant and experience became more important to my tech career.

Comment Re: In three years ... (Score 3, Interesting) 185

Not to mention....the education system should NOT be in the hands of the Feds to dictate what the states teach.

What part of United States don't you understand? Someone has to set the educational standards for the entire country. We can't have 50 states marching to a different drummer, especially when we have a political culture that values ignorance over intelligence.

Comment Re: In three years ... (Score 1) 185

I'd sure hate to be in a programming class where most of the students were only there because Rahm Emmanuel forced them to be.

I went back to community college to learn computer programming after the Dot Com Bust. Many students in the computer and networking classes were there because computers was the money-major of the day. One of my instructors tried to get a 75-year-old Vietnamese couple to reconsider their major, as no company would ever hire them. When health care became the new money-major of the day, the computer and network classes were abandoned in droves. Even the elderly couple changed their major to health care.

Comment Re:Sounds like bullshit to me ... (Score 1) 185

Let's be perfectly clear here: If you get a highschool diploma, and stop your education ... you will not be programming computers.

If you don't have a college degree, you probably won't get a job at all. Many jobs that previously required a high school diploma noq require a college degree. Never mind that the actual work may not have changed.

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