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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 59 59

But that seems like a stretch given the effective shipping to ports on the west coast.

The west coast ports for North America. are maxed out and need modernization to accommodate larger shipping vessals.

The Chinese are also spending $50B to build the Nicaragua Canal in Central America to bypass the west coast ports.

The occasional labor strike at the west coast ports and the resulting backlog doesn't help either. Alternative routes may be worth the money for the Chinese to get their products to U.S. consumers.

Comment Re:Thanks for the blotched printer migration... (Score 1) 44 44

The desktop monkey told me that I needed to use the Add Printer GUI wizard to test the print driver installation. Based on his reaction to my script, he's probably not familiar with the command line at all.

While your one-line of code will install a single printer, my four-line of code will read the printer URLs from a text file and install a printer every 30 seconds. Otherwise, it would take five minutes per printer using the GUI wizard. With 500+ printers to test, the time difference between using an automated script and the GUI wizard is ~4 hours vs. ~40 hours. Gotta a love a programming language that saves you time in cleaning up someone else's mess.

Comment Thanks for the blotched printer migration... (Score 4, Funny) 44 44

The server team managed to blotched a printer migration from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012. My boss threw me under the bus by volunteering me to clean up the mess involving 1,000+ printer queues and four servers. Just when I'm about to finish three weeks of work, the server team pulled the old print servers without warning. That created 100+ tickets from angry users who can't print. Another fine mess to add to my resume.

Comment Re:Oh, editors! (Or lack thereof...) (Score 1) 483 483

I've been getting emails and Windows taskbar notifications from Microsoft for the last week that Windows 10 was coming out YESTERDAY. I checked yesterday. None of my systems had Windows 10 ready to install. So something screwy is going on here.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 4, Insightful) 870 870

What's next - the "archaic" practice of owning your own home?

You never really own your own home. If you don't pay property taxes, the local government will foreclose and sell the house to someone else. If that person doesn't pay property taxes, rinse and repeat.

Comment Re:My Pet Peeves (recent Windows laptop keyboards) (Score 1) 685 685

I hate having a numeric keypad on a laptop. I want the keyboard to be centered with the screen and not off to one side. I recently bought an inexpensive 14" Dell laptop because the keyboard didn't have a numeric keypad. The sales clerk tried to upsell me on a 15" Dell laptop with much better hardware specs, but the keyboard had a numeric keypad and I didn't want that.

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