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Comment We heard this before... (Score 1) 47

A reminder to all Black Mesa personnel: Regular radiation and biohazard screenings are a requirement of continued employment in the Black Mesa Research Facility. Missing a scheduled urinalysis or radiation check-up is grounds for immediate termination. If you feel you have been exposed to radioactive or other hazardous materials in the course of your duties, contact your radiation safety officer immediately. Work safe, work smart. Your future depends on it.

- Half-Life Announcement

Comment Re:Same old story... (Score 1) 119

The Sacramento Valley had a severe rainstorm about ten years ago (IIRC), where the river went over the top of the levee. A television crew filmed fish flopping across a foot bridge on top of the levee. The funny thing is that the levee was supposed to be tall enough to prevent the river from ever going over the top.

Comment Re:Same old story... (Score 1) 119

The problem is that too many people have a short-term focus and an unwillingness to consider the long-term consequences. Flood plains are called flood plains for a reason. Building houses on a flood plain without paying for flood prevention and requiring homeowners to buy flood insurance is plain stupidity. But, hey, that's a problem for future taxpayers to pay for.

Comment Re:Same old story... (Score 2) 119

The flood plain that my apartment complex sits on drains into the San Francisco Bay Area. If sea level rises, the water level in the bay rises and floods the flood plains. See map in the link below.

The map clearly shows that a sea level rise of only a few meters would inundate hundreds of square miles of land. San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay would enlarge, covering industry, residences and infrastructure. More surprising would be the enormous area of flooding that would occur in the Sacramento Valley. Hundreds of square miles would be underwater there and the intrusion of this salt water would have major environmental impacts.

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