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Comment Re: How about an AMD AM1 combo? (Score 1) 184

Motherboard and CPU will set me back by $50 to $75, depending on which AMD AM1 CPU I get. I got all the other parts to put this system together. As a general purpose computer running Linux, I can use it for other things than a terminal server. How well does your expensive "industry-standard device" run at compiling C programs?

Comment Re:Question for Bernie Sanders (Score 1) 217

You yourself have now replied thrice in this thread, and yet can not point at a single thing, Sanders would do differently from Chavez... Figures...

I very much doubt Bernie Sanders will re-write the U.S. Constitution to keep himself in power indefinitely. As his age, he'll probably keel over a month into office like President William Harrison.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 2) 168

I recently started converting old BASIC games from a book into Python to improve my programming skills for that language. On several occasions I had to write out informal flowcharts to understand the GOTO/GOSUB spaghetti hell that I was dealing with. No wonder I could never get any of these BASIC games to work on my Commodore 64 as a kid.

Comment How about an AMD AM1 combo? (Score 4, Interesting) 184

I recently picked up an ECS KAM1-I motherboard ($25) for the AMD AM1 processor ($25 to $50). The motherboard has two serial ports and two serial port headers for four COM ports. I'm planning to build out a Linux console server for my Cisco certification rack. This is cheaper than trying to convert a Cisco router into a terminal server.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1, Interesting) 168

During my tour through college in the early 1990's, we had to use a plastic template to draw flowchart diagrams for programs in the Intro to Computers 101 class. A decade later, after the dot com bust, I went back to school to learn computer programming. The bookstore no longer sold the plastic template and none of the programming classes mentioned flowchart diagrams. I guess they weren't needed for object-oriented programming (OOP).

Comment Re:Moving jobs is often the only way to get a payr (Score 1) 217

Why do you deserve more money simply for the fact that you have been doing the same thing longer than everybody else?

That doesn't apply to CEOs. I worked for a Fortune 500 company where the CEO laid off 10% of the workforce, got a 60% raise for a lousy fiscal year, and bought a new yacht to keep up with his peers.

Comment Re:At what point do we reevaluate the position (Score 1) 217

Only if you apply for a government job with a security clearance. My two-hour investigative interview turned into four hours because I had a multiple jobs after being out of work for two years and filing for bankruptcy. For several years I had a weekday job and a weekend job. Sometimes the weekend job started right after my weekday job on Fridays. The government's view is that you should have one and only one job at a time, and working two or more jobs is suspicious activity.

Comment No kidding, Sherlock! (Score 1) 82

When I worked for a company that relocated to a new building, HR took a survey to find out what employees wanted in the new office. Number 1 request: sitting far, far away from the supervisors. One of the supervisors had a habit of shooting up the blinds with an Airsoft BB gun, sending everyone to cover whenever he popped up above his cube. (We got back at him on his birthday by blocking off his cube entrance and dumping 64 cubic feet of packing peanuts inside, which took him a week to dig out.) The supervisors got their own row in a long room next to the cube farm. Everyone except the supervisors were happy.

Comment Re:Reagan's mic test (Score 1) 210

And you're doing this because at this point, you're obviously a fundamentally dishonest person.

I used to be a Republican. I'm speaking from experience. Doesn't help that my Tea Party relatives in Idaho keep emailing every little thing that comes out of the right wing echo chamber.

Don't even bother typing a response.

You accused me of being a dishonest person and don't want me to respond? You must be new around here.

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