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Comment Re:Hillary, is that you? (Score 1) 302

Run a corporation for a while, then tell me about them having to pay their fair share.

A former boss converted his masonry company from a sole proprietorship to a corporation. He paid significantly less in taxes as an individual for drawing a salary, Since he set up a qualified retirement, he stashed away about $53,000 in corporate profits each year. The only significant tax burden that the corporation had was salaries and worker comp.

Comment Re:What this really means is... (Score 0) 44

If you google node.js web tutorial, all the top results involve express

If you google node.js tutorial, the first entry for ExpressNode.js dates September 2015, which is several years after I looked at a node.js tutorial. Subsequent pages mentions express.js in passing.

BTW, If you're using google to search the web, why are you using the word web in your search query? Seems redundant.

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