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Comment Re:Landfill?! (Score 1) 33

Until it crushes. Not all aerogels are strong, and in the picture we can see the guy bending it. And even the strength of "strong" aerogels is often overstated - they're high strength for their weight, but not for their volume.

Comment Re:Cheaper? (Score 2) 33

I fail to see how it's at all like composite building - it's a moulded product. Also note: frozen and freeze dried for two days. So if you want to make boats out of the stuff, you have to amortize in the cost of two days (per unit) usage of a thermally-regulated vacuum chamber large enough to put a boat in, which is a pretty expensive piece of kit.

Also, how long is the sonication process?

Making boats or surfboards out of the stuff sounds kind of pointless. As you already clearly know, the ideal boat hull is a twinwall composite, where you have composite layers of high tensile fabric bonded to either side of a lightweight foam or honeycomb core - the latter existing primarily to space the former out. If you replace the inner layer with aerogel, you're only cutting out the weight of the foam or honeycomb - and foams and honeycombs are already quite light. I mean, you'd save some weight... but enough to justify the cost and difficulty?

I guess if you're going really upmarket... after all, some people buy Monster cables ;)

Comment Re:fire! (Score 1) 33

Aerogel is of course nothing at all like loose-fill cellulose insulation. But no, it should not pose a fire risk either. Depending on the type, aerogels are generally considered either fire retardant or non-flammable; even if they're made of something that "burns" on a macroscopic level, there's so little "something" there to burn that the flame barrier properties that they provide generally well outweighs the heat output of their own combustion.

Comment Re:I don't even know what "hyperloop" is any more. (Score 1) 216

In addition to what bws111 wrote:

Re: the MIT capsule: it's nothing like the Hyperloop Alpha concept (hence my post). SpaceX's test track that they're building is designed to handle a wide variety of vehicles, not just the one laid out in the Hyperloop Alpha concept. IMHO the MIT concept is utterly uninspiring. The drag levels are vastly higher, which are going to ruin pretty much every appealing aspect of the concept.

(but no, the tube has no electromagnets, the MIT design involves induced magnetic fields for propulsion)

Comment Re:They had a 10GHz ALU back in 2002 (Score 1) 79

Intel had to be beaten in the x86 arena for that to matter. There were all sorts of better designs around at that time. It kind of goes back to Intel not really being all that good of a chip nor innovator. They were taking lessons from their pal in announcing vapor to keep people from jumping ship. Sadly, it worked again.

Comment Re:Laughing myself out of the room (Score 2) 569

Automatic transmission is in the minority. Though they are becoming more popular.

They were seen as an unnecessary expense. Both in terms of less fuel efficiency, and because of maintenance cost. And also some drivers prefer the feeling of being in control...

If you pass a test with a manual (stick shift) then you are covered for automatics too. If you pass with an automatic, you are only licensed for automatics.

Comment Re:and the now they have the store with centership (Score 1) 64

In some ways, we're not ok with Apple's store policies. In fact, I hope some of them get changed, or do I? It's one of those be careful what you wish for things. Meanwhile I will continue to run a host of apps that are not store sourced, precisely because the store is too limiting in many many ways for the apps I want to run. Games, however, should have little issue in the Apple App store.

Comment Re:What's a DLL? (Score 1) 150

I don't think you quite get the seriousness of the issue. It boils down to if you have access to a windows box where you can create and execute a file on it, you can own the box relatively trivially regardless of your privileges. This is why MS always appears to have whack-a-mole security patches. If you look at the CVEs over time, you'll start to think you're Bill in Groundhog day.

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