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Comment Re:Over 20 million employees? (Score 1) 71

That was 4.2 miliion, not 4.2 thousand.

The 22 million is folks listed on forms by individuals who applied for a government security clearance. That's employees, contractors and all of their immediate family.

That having been said, nearly 40 million people in the US either work for the government as employees or work for them indirectly under one contract or another.


Comment Re:They hired a low bid contractor! (Score 3, Insightful) 71

You've never filled out an SF86, have you? No one else has that much information about you all in one file. Not even your relatives. A private investigator could get most of it, but it would be expensive to track down.

No one else except the Chinese apparently. :(

Comment Re:Money's happiness lasts only a few years (Score 1) 829

then they get used to the new level and need another double fix.

I've been happy with my income at every income level I've every had from south of $50k to north of $100k. I figure at $2mil I could retire and live off the investment return indefinitely. In Hawaii. Where I bought 3 acres at the bottom of the real estate market a few years ago.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Group! (Score 1) 198

Indeed, but to do that they have to *look*. They have to log in to systems and see what's there. How the nuts and bolts fit together. How the computers interact with each other across what networks.

That allows the architect to ask the right questions. Why was this set up this way. Which in turn leads to achievable architectural improvements.

Without access, the architect can only paint with broad brushes, essentially providing you the same insights any consultant could deliver in a week. That is not useful.

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