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Comment: "Get off my lawn" (Score 4, Interesting) 289

by redmid17 (#46812511) Attached to: Our Education System Is Failing IT
Is Slashdot linking to Bennett Haselton's dad now?
If the IT sector were really that devoid of workers with an iota of critical thinking ability, the entire state of IT in the country would be in shambles. Now he does have some valid complaints (ie plenty of Cert WIZARDS!), but the entire article is one giant strawman he constructed. I don't think IT (or at least non H1Bs) is any worse off than any other sector of the US job market. This strikes me as a case of "this new generation sucks a lot" which we roll through every 20 years or so. The WW2 generation said the same thing about the Boomers and Gen X.

The first track consisted of self-motivated high school and college students who taught themselves the necessary PC skills to get a job, sometimes before graduation. The second was the trade school, which produced droves of "certified" 20-somethings ripe for the picking in the rapidly growing IT field.

My mileage will vary from most of the people here, but these two sectors make up a small minority of what I've encountered. The first "track" is essentially career service desk folk. They don't really need to think super critically. They aren't paid enough to. The ones who are very good at it end up as Tier-2 or Tier-3 support. They do triage work and respond to critical incidents. They need to know how to diagnose problems and think critically. The second track definitely exists. I've met them. I haven't seen them actively employed for the most part, and those that were employed didn't remain for long.

The circle jerk in the comments section is pretty hilarious too.

Comment: Re:Ukraine's borders were changed by use of force (Score 1) 304

by redmid17 (#46756399) Attached to: Is Crimea In Russia? Internet Companies Have Different Answers

I was alive 20 years ago when Russia (the Soviet Union) let 14 Republicans go. I have no trouble imagining them letting territory go.

Which Republicans did they have captured? It was generous to let them go. On a serious note, the USSR was flat broke when the Iron Curtain fell. Russia could not have held onto those countries it if were threatening to use their nukes. The lack of Russian money was one of them main reasons why North Korea went through horrible starvation. It's why the DDR had rampant runaway inflation until they were absorbed back into Germany.

Comment: Re:Should be objective, not biased... (Score 1) 451

by redmid17 (#46717829) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?
Anything you'd do on a typical office machine. I wouldn't render video or compile in VS, but web browsing, watching HD videos, typical office activities all worked fine for me. I had Win 7 Pro installed on a Optiplex D620 (P4 with HT) and 1 GB RAM and the integrated video. It wasn't a world beater but it worked. I eventually doubled the RAM and it did improve the performance (not as much paging). As to your question, yes Win 7 is very streamlined compared to Vista, especially when Vista was new.

Comment: Re:It would be inequal to provide equal rewards (Score 4, Informative) 673

by redmid17 (#46712989) Attached to: Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0
There's also a complete inequality in girls graduating high school, enrolling in college, and graduating college. I'm all for making sure that girls are given every opportunity to succeed and not prevented or discouraged from going down a path they want to try, but frankly there are many larger issues that need to be worked on before you started down this path? That said, it's Google's money to do with as they please. They clearly see some benefit to this and it doesn't mean that the money they donate here would have gone to equalizing the current gender gap in education or that they don't give money to that cause already.

Comment: Re:Gee, so only a year of screaming (Score 1) 387

I'm not the original poster. I'm not the person who was asking for proof. I'm a third party.
The fact you're too stupid or too lazy to *look* at the URLs to figure out the source of tests says a lot.
Pick a metric you would want to see improved over Windows 7 and you will probably hit one that Win 8 succeeded at improving.
There's a reason why you have zero mods and this post is at +5

Comment: Re:Gee, so only a year of screaming (Score 4, Informative) 387

I'm assuming you're too lazy to google

If you're lazy, you can just read the conclusions. It's not necessarily enough to make me upgrade to 8 (already have 8 on one laptop and 7 on some other devices), but it measurably better in a few areas.

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