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Comment Been the opposite for me (Score 1) 155 155

Taken more than a few Ubers and cabs in Chicago. Uber has typically been 2/3 to 3/4 of the cost of a yellow cab trip. The only time an Uber has been consistently higher has been during surge pricing. Trips from downtown Chicago to ORD or MDW are almost always cheaper with Uber, usually 10-15 bucks. I try to avoid either during rush hour, as taking buses/trains or walking is usually faster.

I've never taken an Uber in NYC, so their mileage obviously varies. I have taken them in Indianapolis, Nashville, and other places. Seemed cheaper there too but the sample size is much smaller.

Comment God I hate those neverlost things (Score 4, Interesting) 188 188

I've gotten a few rental cars from Hertz with the GPS devices. You can only turn the brightness down a bit. They cannot be turned off. I did notice the camera, so I just tossed my jacket over over it. I just request a car without that device now. Besides I have phone GPS which frankly is easier to use.

Comment This is supposed to be shocking (Score 1) 130 130

People who are qualified to modify or create code for the Linux kernel are going to be pretty damn good coders. If they weren't, well they wouldn't be contributing for long. So basically this is saying unpaid, good coders find jobs quickly because companies are completely fucking stupid.

Comment Re:Eating itself? (Score 1) 265 265

Taxis? Certainly. There are differences regulations, but they are essentially both cars driven by someone for earning purposes and hailed on an demand basis. Neither a cab nor an uber will stop by my house on a scheduled basis if there is no incentive to do so. Buses and trains, well those are meant for public consumption, not on demand consumption by individuals. The maximum utility is generated by adhering to a prescribed route and timetable. A bus or train set to the whims of an individual is wildly impractical.

Comment I like open source (Score 1) 488 488

I just don't give a shit enough to contribute. I already have hobbies. I get paid to administer, consult, develop, and test at work. Most of my hobbies do not involve computers (sports, reading, music, good ole fashioned napping). The few that do relate fairly closely to my line of work, which is largely closed source.

tl;dr - neither the time nor the willingness to contribute to something that only affects me tangentially

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