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Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 257

There is a finite limit to the number of people who can help with a particular person or in a particular scenario. This law explicitly exempts media, emergency peeps, and victims, so clearly it's not helping the victim that comes to mind first. If the media is on scene and no first responders, then they could still take pictures and not help. Reporters have never been known to do thatthat before

Comment Good luck with that (Score 4, Insightful) 257

Even if the law were to pass and it survive all legal challenges -- and it most certainly wouldn't -- there are always going to be an insensitive idiots. I'm sure the victims would feel a ton better with random people taking pictures and spreading them instead of a news channel or newspaper.

This easily falls in the "Why the fuck would you even bother" category. Seriously, this is the best response you could come up with to an incident in your district? Send out an email to your voter base and write a FB update praising people who respect the privacy and dignity of accident (or crime) victims. It's great because you wouldn't look like an idiot, would appear respectful, and it would have a bit more impact.

Comment Re:2.7 BILLYUN... (Score 1) 207

That's how much Avatar made at the box office and it's a good bet TFA will meet or surpass that (which I continuously read as The F***** Article...)

When they bought Lucasfilm for 4 billion I thought they'd be hard pressed to make that money back. I knew they would but I thought it'd be several years and movies before they could recoup the cost.

But... they're going to practically do it with the first movie!

Just have to ask, why did you think a company worth 8 billion in net income last year would have trouble monetizing one of the profitable franchises of all time? 4 billion for Lucasfilms was a steal in my (unexpert) opinion.

Comment Re:Work-life balance thrives where it is prioritiz (Score 1) 195

This is basically my experience, but after my fortune 500 experience the two consulting companies were 150+ (one was smaller when I started). 40 hours a week or more was expected - at least 80% billable -- but that was countered by higher pay, more WFH flexibility, and more widespread responsibilities.

Comment Guns aren't used to immobilize people (Score 2) 712

They are used to kill people. Look at the force continuum used by PDs. Guns are in the lethal section. If an officer is shooting his gun, he's trained to and willing to kill someone at that point. Now a ton of things need to change with respect to the officer and his willingness to shoot someone for little to no reason (eg Tamir Rice's killer or Lonnie Swartz), but as long as officers are given the ability to kill people there really isn't an effective replacement for guns.

Honestly better recruitment and enforcing use of de-escalation techniques is probably the best bet.

Comment Re:Win 10 (Score 1) 209

Regardless of Vista's errors at releast (and through SP1), my point still stands. Vista ran fine with 2 GB unless you were choking the horse.

I made the mistake of buying a laptop with 1 GB and Vista with no downgrade option (no XP drivers). The wifi and sound would just randomly stop working. A fresh restore to factory would be fine. I never could isolate it to one update or anything. Finally after about the 3rd restore and 2nd fresh install, I just disabled Windows Update for about six months.
I hit a wall of Vista at 1 GB due to needing an XP VM for class -- jesus it was awful on 512 MB -- and dropped the cash to upgrade it ASAP.

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