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Comment: Re:Other particles (Score 1) 137

by rd4tech (#48345257) Attached to: CERN May Not Have Discovered Higgs Boson After All

OK, that's unfair, but "techni-quarks" which could make up dark matter? William of Ockham is going to need to set up a factory in Shenzhen at this point.

Dark matter is dark, so probably not, cause they are made in technicolor.

(Yes, my assumption is as valid to their statement, as theirs is to higgs theory :)

Comment: Re:Is this a troll about systemd or is this real n (Score 2) 774

by rd4tech (#48097893) Attached to: Systemd Adding Its Own Console To Linux Systems

Wake me up in few years. It's still too early to adopt SystemD.

I mean, the damn stuff looks like it's in alpha, what with lacking basic stuff like it's own filesystems and network drivers.
When it gets to the point where it can update the CPU's microcode, I may look into it. :) :D

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