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Comment Re:CVS or Subversion (Score 4, Insightful) 321

Agreed. For small / inexperienced teams, we've always recommended VisualSVN. GUI to manage most of the project admin tasks, easy integration with AD for user/group auth, and a fairly simple workflow.

Git is has some really nice features, but I wouldn't push it onto a team with no VCS experience.

Comment Citi is the Worst (Score 1) 345

There's a gas station 1/4 mile from my home that I buy from 2-3x a month using the same credit card. Once or twice a year one of those purchases would get flagged by Citi and locked my card, even though there was a clear pattern of use.

On top of that, I had an absolutely infuriating experience using a Citi card on a decent-sized Newegg purchase (~$600). I've made about a dozen purchases from there over the past couple years. They declined the charge as potential fraud and sent me a fraud alert. I confirmed it was a legit purchase and re-ran the order about 15 minutes later. Citi declined it again as potential fraud and sent me a second fraud alert.

At that point I called them up and closed every account I had. Will never use Citi again.

I've had/have credit cards with pretty much every major issuer. Chase, Citi, Barclays, BoA, Amex. Chase has by far been the best about not screwing up fraud detection. Citi is the worst. The rest are decent.

Comment Re:Acceptable ads? (Score 4, Informative) 259

How many ad-containing sites give you the OPTION to pay for the content? That's the real question. I'm perfectly happy to toss a few bucks to the site if I get value from their content, but damn few even give me the option. It is either fund them through dodgy third-party ads or don't support them at all. And when those are my choices, sorry, no funding.

Comment Re:Turn Them Off (Score 1) 125

Essentially the same as how I used to work. My problem is that having that much stuff open to begin with ends up being counterproductive. Context switching is what I try to avoid. I don't want to manage many different applications simultaneously, I want to only have the applications I'm using right now open. If I have so much stuff open that I can't fit it on two monitors, that's a problem to me.

Nowadays: IDE on left screen, browser on right. Skype for talking to colleagues minimized in the tray. Mail client usually closed (I only check mail periodically during the day, usually when I take quick work breaks). Music player minimized to tray, but I just let it run on shuffle anyway so I seldom need to touch it. If I need two browsers open (one for docs, one for testing), I just split them on the screen.

Comment Turn Them Off (Score 2, Troll) 125

First thing I do on any fresh install of Linux is to turn off virtual desktops. My experience has been that if I've got so much going on at once that it makes a single desktop instance seem too cluttered, that's a sign that I need to reconsider how I handle my time.

Having to close and reopen tools forces you to cut down on context switching. At least for me, that helps productivity.

Comment Re:who the fuck is jet brains (Score 3, Informative) 51

Jetbrains makes a number of popular IDEs and related dev tools. IntelliJ (Java IDE), ReSharper (VS extension for inspection/refactoring), TeamCity (CI/build tool), etc. Their tools are pretty well known in certain segments of the development industry (Java, Python, .Net), and TeamCity is quite popular as a less painful alternative to tools like Bamboo.

Comment Re:Info from the actual article (Score 2) 527

Is the article correct?

According to the settings in OneNote, I'm not opted in to CEIP, but I can still see KB3068708 in the update list. Additionally, it is Optional, not Recommended.

Perhaps what the article meant is that it only shows up in Recommended if you are enrolled, and is Optional otherwise.

Comment Re:As a paying user.. (Score 0) 141

I'm kinda in the same boat. I've had subs for PyCharm and WebStorm both personally and through work for years. I don't think I'm gonna renew them when they expire. I'm finding more and more that the free alternatives are just as good now.

Latest problem: PyQt on Windows. There's no intellisense in PyCharm using the binary install of PyQt. Getting it working, as far as I can gather, requires grabbing the library's source, finding everything I need to build the source in VC2010 and then (hopefully) it works. I don't know, because after half a day I was stuck on build errors and said fuck it, I'm not putting this much work into something that should be simple. Fired up VS2015, installed Python Tools, it scanned my python modules and bam, intellisense out of the box. I've had this exact issue repeatedly over the years with different libraries in PyCharm.

VS turns out to be a great IDE for Python, and for web work I'm finding that Sublime Text is pretty damn good with the right plugins. Haven't touched Java in years, thank god, so I can't speak to IntelliJ.

JetBrains IDEs were the sweet spot between lightweight text editors and the clusterfuck that was Eclipse. As time has gone on, those lightweight tools now do most of what made Jetbrains products so awesome.

Comment Re:Is ANYONE editing this mess? (Score 1) 747

So if acronyms are always pronounced separately, do you mean I should say "enn aa ess aa" when referring to NASA? "arr aa emm" instead of RAM?

In the English language at least, acronyms are by definition pronounceable as words (if they weren't, they'd be initialisms), so why wouldn't you pronounce them that way?

BTW, out of curiosity, is there another query language in use called SEQUEL other than the one from the 70's that became SQL?

Comment Re:"I wanted to work this weekend" (Score 5, Insightful) 211

This. The standard worker smarter vs work harder dilemma.

I did the whole groove thing when I was in my twenties and just starting out. As I gained experience, it became obvious that the groove is far from ideal. I produce better code when I take frequent short breaks. Get up, stretch, take a quick walk, give your brain time to process everything you've been doing. Then you're in the right mindset to see what's what. So I don't work late, especially on Fridays. If I'm in the middle of a tricky bit and 5:00 hits, I'm gone. By the time Monday rolls around, I know how to proceed because the problem has been rolling around my subconscious for 2.5 days.

I see a few coworkers who work long hours in the groove, and they always seem to be rewriting four hours of work for the third time because they get into the groove, churn it out and a day later realize it isn't gonna work long-term. Meanwhile, if they'd just stopped an hour in and pinged one of their colleagues for a 5-minute sanity check they'd have realized it sooner and saved their evening.

Comment Re:Explain. (Score 1) 396

Prime Music is even worse. I added a song to my library. It says it is there, but it isn't. And I can't remove it and add it again because while I can pull up a track through searching and see that it is in my library, I can only remove it from my library from within my library. But it isn't there, so I can't remove it. Can't play it, can't remove it, can't re-add it. This has happened multiple times.

I'd been trying it out as a possible replacement for other streaming services mainly because I already pay for Prime so why not use it, but the quality just isn't there at this point.

Comment Re:screwed up enough to get a scan = can't be fixe (Score 1) 39

It isn't about "fixing" someone, any more than you "fix" an alcoholic or "fix" a schizophrenic. That latent trait will always persist. Treatment is about managing the condition, keeping it controlled to the point that it no longer presents a severely negative impact on your quality of life.

There are different treatment methods, but which one a person will respond to is largely a guess, even for an experienced therapist. The goal is avoid the process of spending months trying Method A to no effect, then months of Method B, then three years later finally finding a winner with Treatment G. The goal is to predict which treatment they are likely to respond positively to.

The scan ties to CBT in particular because right now that is the preferred treatment for SAD and is usually the first one tried.

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