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Comment: Re:EA got too greedy (as usual) (Score 3, Interesting) 256

by rainmaestro (#49278299) Attached to: SimCity's Empire Has Fallen and Skylines Is Picking Up the Pieces

If you're that paranoid, run separate instances. One that you use online for purchases and downloads only, then copy the Steamapps subfolder for your game over to your offline-gaming instance. No achievements, no gameplay tracking, etc. An inconvenience, sure, but a fairly minor one.

I do this to keeps games sync'ed between my gaming PC and my laptop for traveling, but IIRC there's nothing that'll prevent you from having two copies of Steam installed on one PC.

Comment: Re:computers (Score 1) 277

by rainmaestro (#49205119) Attached to: Daylight Saving Time Change On Sunday For N. America

Not always. My alarm clock doesn't. The time displays in my kitchen don't. The clock in my car doesn't. Even some software doesn't. Ever used an in-house corporate scheduling app that has some piece of shit homebrew datetime library and doesn't properly account for DST when sending out meeting invites? I have, it causes problems. I've seen mail servers block all logins because the local clock didn't adjust for DST and the one-hour difference in times is triggering clock skew errors for everyone.

Hell, my android phone sometimes can't figure out what time zone I'm in. Multiple times, I've been sitting here in Florida, nowhere even remotely close to the next zone, and watched my phone repeatedly switch back and forth between Eastern and Central.

in a perfect world, technology would just figure it out. But it doesn't, not reliably enough that we can completely ignore the change.

Comment: Re: No good video? (Score 1) 213

by rainmaestro (#48782481) Attached to: SpaceX Rocket Launch Succeeds, But Landing Test Doesn't

The larger the frontal surface area of the vessel, the harder it is to control. Wave motion and tidal forces become more pronounced as the vessel gets wider, making it harder to hold position.

This "barge" isn't a standard cargo hauler, though. You can see a photo of it at the link below. It was definitely custom-built for this purpose.

Comment: Re:Always struggling with a Dodgy NVS mobile... (Score 1) 136

by rainmaestro (#48728035) Attached to: AMD Catalyst Linux Driver Catching Up To and Beating Windows

It is possible that Optimus has improved a bit in the past year. A large part of my woes stemmed from my particular card being relatively new and hence requiring a bunch of bleeding edge packages for support, and trying to get bleeding edge stuff to play nicely together is often painful.

I'm sticking with AMD for my Linux boxes for the time being, and NVidia for my gaming PC. I've had more troubles with AMD in Windows than in Linux the past few years.

Comment: Re:Exactly this. (Score 3) 294

Impressive. I know we have a tradition of not reading the article before commenting, but you didn't even read the first sentence of the summary:
"If 95% of great programmers aren't in the U.S. [...]"

The whole point is how to get the best talent regardless of where they live. The number of time zones in the mainland US is irrelevant.

FYI, I'm currently working on a project with two other teams: one on the west coast and one in London. They are 8 time zones apart.....

Comment: Re:Always struggling with a Dodgy NVS mobile... (Score 4, Interesting) 136

by rainmaestro (#48725701) Attached to: AMD Catalyst Linux Driver Catching Up To and Beating Windows

If you ever want to see just how bad nvidia is in Linux, get a laptop that has their Optimus abortion. My laptop at work regrettably has that.
With stock Intel drivers, display works but there's no acceleration, so performance is shit.
With stock nvidia or nouveau drivers, performance is great but can't use external monitors (because they are tied to the Intel chip)

Getting both working at once required a kernel built from source, a backported package from the testing build, a package from a PPA from a child distro, three dependencies built from source because of conflicts between the distro packages and the bleeding edge kernel I had to use, and the nightmare that is bumblebee. I don't dare run an update on this system because fuck knows what will break.

Meanwhile, my last three laptops at home have been AMD-based. Install Catalyst, reboot, everything is beautiful. It is remarkable how far things have swung. I remember AMD being verboten back when I first got into linux because of how godawful the support was.

Comment: Re:It is not new. (Score 1) 349

by rainmaestro (#48697613) Attached to: United and Orbitz Sue 22-Year-Old Programmer For Compiling Public Info

Not true. If you miss a connecting flight, they can send your baggage on the original flight ahead to your destination and send you on a later flight. Similarly, sometimes you will make a narrow connection and your bags won't, and they'll go on a later flight. Bags can travel separately from a passenger even when the airline doesn't lose them. Happens all the time.

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