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Comment Hey, idea! (Score 1) 303

We've got a volunteer who has agreed to store nuclear waste in his backyard.
Reactors can be made safer, but the problem of nuclear waste remains - and nobody wants that shit in their backyard.
If it was technically feasible (and safe to do), people would send it to the moon or into the sun.

Reducing energy consumption of devices and appliances, improving energy storage capacities - and re-evaluating settlement areas, that's the way to go.
Cities like Las Vegas (practically uninhabitable without air-conditioning) are probably a thing of the past.
New York may turn out the same, though.

Comment Re:Smearing? (Score 4, Insightful) 290

Turns out, the head of the group who ran the Paris attacks even gave an interview to a radical Islamic publication back in February, where he got as close to announcing the attacks as you can get without giving a date.

Back in the day, before this sig-int shit got so big that everything else suffocates under it, back in the day, people in intelligence agencies had to read (and understand) newspapers, compile reports about articles, people, developments.
That also required a certain level of "intelligence", of course. Which means "able to think".

These days, it looks like that is actually a disqualification...

Why is this worrysome?
Because ISIS is real. And currently, the strategy to defeat them seems to be to get more brutal, more ruthless, more lethal with them. It's a "race to the bottom" we can't win - or only, if we turn ourselves into something that looks very similar to the enemy we want to win over.

Comment Re: Sounds like a psycopath. (Score 1) 486

I bet the various three-letter agencies (and part of the military) secretly envies IS.
They sure would like to have soldiers as motivated and brainless as them.
Of course, you can't win a war with soldiers like that - but as it has always been, the right people start profiting from war the minute it starts, not when it's over.

Comment Re:Thanks Bush/Cheney (Score 1) 728

Actually, a lot of this is because former French President Sarkozy wanted to get rid of Gaddafi in Libya.
That succeeded, but as usual, there was no plan for what should happen after him and IS + AQ thankfully took over.
Also, a lot of weapons "disappeared" from that country during and after the Gaddafi regime came down. Some of them have now reappeared again...
The sad truth is that in the Near East, there's no one but hard-nosed, merciless dictators who can hold IS+AQ in check. For now.

Comment Re:There's some other things they should focus on! (Score 0) 85

Settings -> iTunes & App Stores (on your iDevice)

There's setting for
"Automatic updates"

You can enable it for Music, Apps, Books and Updates.
It doesn't work by default if you're not on WiFi - but you can enable it, if you don't have bandwidth limitation.

I didn't know where this setting was, so I searched for "App" in the settings.

Comment Dear Americans (Score 1) 342

If you didn't know: Your infrastructure crumbles. Most of is is from the 30s, some was built in the 50s and 60s and that's it. The rest is sometimes a hundred years old or even older. Because you don't want to fund it with higher taxes, that's not going to change.
Public projects like these are going to have cost overruns. The Swiss NEAT (Trans-Alp-Tunnel) is about 65% over budget right now.
You can't have a State, a Country without investing in its infrastructure.
In another decade or two, you'll be just another emerging nation, but with nukes.
You're just proving you're nation as such is not a sustainable model.

Comment Hey let's be an Azure and AWS-Reseller (Score 1) 89

You can literally see the slide:

(1) shut down own public cloud
(2) be a azure+aws reseller
(3) PROFIT!!!

I have no idea how complicated AWS is, but can you honestly provide any value to the customer just managing AWS?
Scott McNeal once compared, x86-retailing to putting "bruises on bananas". These days, it's Rackspace + HP who look they are doing the very same thing in a different market.

Comment The future for the Mozilla Project looks bright (Score 1) 781

if this is the only problem they're facing right now.

As a reminder, the algorithm for "brotli" was invented in Switzerland and the word is basically the diminutive of "Brot", minus the Umlaut ("Brötli", the local Swiss dialect for what in US-America would be called a "bun" - if you've ever been to Germany/Switzerland/Austria and visited a bakery, you know what to think of).
People who use this as a means to fuel the gender-debate should have their mental health examined, IMO.

Comment Re:Incompetent or a liar (Score 1) 479

I have a co-worker, who, at his previous job (and with his current job already lined-up) made a late-evening phone-call to an EMEA-manager type person (of a multi-billion MNC) to make her aware of a multi-million dollar business-risk that his direct superior's superiors had made every effort to sweep under the table (because somebody had made a crucial mistake early on in a project design and the subsequent calculations and didn't want to fess-up to it).

That got him a full-out commendation from said manager but no love from those who had made the initial mistake (and failed to report it). But as he was already on his way out, he felt he could handle it.

Top-management is often very removed from day-to-day operations. The board even more so. The VW board, BTW, was very angry about the fact that it had to receive news of this "problem" from the news-outlets - even though it's clear that this scandal represents an significant business risk.
That's why the CEO had to quit and a couple of his top-brass are suspended, while lawyers and investigators from US and Germany are interviewing staff and trying to determine who did what and when...

I completely agree that trying to blame a couple of engineers for it is incredibly cheap and will come to haunt him in a big way.
It makes him look totally spineless. Unfortunately, it seems that the management-climate at VW fostered the careers of people acting like him: ass-kissing upwards, ass-kicking downwards.

Comment Easy answer (Score 1) 105

What remains from out digital culture?
Easy. Nothing.
As someone else has said: "The tragedy about our culture is that our cars break apart after ten years, yet our waste remains for decades or even centuries to come".

Most of the digital "assets" we have (photos, videos) will be gone in a couple of years. Lost in hard-drive crashes, failed migrations or obsolescence of technology.
Most of them were crap anyway. Those that you want to preserve: better make B/W prints...

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