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Comment: Not for me (Score 1) 95

by rainer_d (#48942219) Attached to: Wi-Fi Issues Continue For OS X Users Despite Updates
I've had quite a lot of issues with Mavericks, though.
Yosemite solved them almost completely.
Almost, because sometimes my 2012 MacMini will randomly disconnect from the WiFi access point (an almost 10 year old Linksys 54MBit AP-only).
Then, I have to disabled WiFi completely, wait a few moments, re-enable it and reconnect to my AP again.
It's very random, which leads me to the conclusion that it could also be an issue with the AP and/or all the wireless networks around me, probably using much later and much "better" technology and basically killing my WiFi.
I don't really blame Apple. There are so many devices out there, so many buggy firmware- and driver-versions, so many buggy OSs and the spectrum is so overloaded these days as everybody and his dog has at least one WiFi AP (sometimes several, via a mesh-setup or a simple repeater (adding to the problem inadvertently...). I sometimes wonder why works at all.

+ - Hunting for a Tech Job in 2015-> 1

Submitted by Nerval's Lobster
Nerval's Lobster (2598977) writes "It’s a brand new year, and by at least some indications the economy’s doing pretty well, which means that a lot of people will begin looking for a new, possibly better job. If you're looking to trade up, Dice has some tips, some of which are pretty standard-issue ("Update resume," etc.), and others that could actually stand you in good stead, including using the Bureau of Labor Statistics to judge the median salary for a position before negotiating with HR. According to Glassdoor, Dice, and other sources, the average salary for many kinds of tech workers will only rise over the next year, so it really could be a good time to see what's out there. Good luck."
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