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Comment When the majority of search results have walls (Score 1) 383

If the majority of sites in the top ten results from a major search engine look like WSJ or Elsevier/Wiley journals, with a paywall or anti-ad-blocking measures required to view past the first paragraph, the web will become a more frustrating place. I have already run into this problem with paywalls when I search for certain linguistics topics on Google.

Comment Re:Hosts files "fit the bill" vs. clarityray metho (Score 1) 383

I agree that DNS-level blocking is effective. It was effective for TWX, who blocked ads on a DNS proxy built into a home router. But it relies on an anomaly in the present web advertising market, namely that ads are delivered from a different hostname from the rest of the site. Thus a site can defeat it by serving the ads and the rest of the site from the same hostname.

the program I built for custom hosts file generation is completely FREE, no strings attached

Does it come with the ability and right to make and distribute improved versions? If not, that's a string.

Comment A year's subscription to read one page (Score 1) 383

It's become common for a user to read only one article on each of ten sites when he finds articles through web search, citations from other sites, or social sharing. How is anybody going to be willing to subscribe to each of those sites? A pay per page model would have to deal with transaction fees that payment processors charge, which are fairly large for the credit card networks. Even Bitcoin imposes a fee of 0.0001 BTC (currently 2.5 cents) on any transaction smaller than 0.01 BTC (currently 2.50 USD) to discourage "dust spam".

Comment They'll invent "a compelling reason" (Score 1) 383

However, I'm not running scripts unless I have a compelling reason to do so.

Then watch sites twist overage costs on cellular and satellite Internet into such "a compelling reason":

"Many ISPs meter your data. To save you money, this photo collection uses WebP compression. There are two ways to view it: switch to a web browser supporting WebP, or enable JavaScript to use our Canvas WebP decoder."

"Many ISPs meter your data. To save you money, we deliver only the parts of the article that you actually read. To continue reading past the lead paragraph, please enable JavaScript."

Your own mileage may vary.