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Comment Re:Here we go again. (Score 1) 122

The basically stupid idea is the ability to download and run Turing-complete code from unknown sources in supposed "safety". This has nothing to do with actual applications written in Java which is a reasonably secure language, certainly more secure than C or C++ (no buffer overflows, etc.).

The broken sandbox is completely orthogonal to whether or not Java is a POS. It's a feature, a broken feature, but not one that you're required to use and a well-written application, in any language, does not attempt to run Turing-complete code from unknown sources.

Comment Re:Here we go again. (Score 2) 122

No, it's not a small program because these exploits are usually not against the JVM but against the sandbox. The problem is that the basic idea of a sandbox that lets you do almost anything and has fine-grained controls over what APIs you can and cannot call is fundamentally flawed. The attack surface is huge and the security code threads through all kinds of libraries.

Comment Re:They're bums, why keep them around (Score 5, Insightful) 743

That doesn't really help. If they print more than they produce, the currency will drop in value.

That's the whole point. Devaluing the currency means everyone in the country takes a pay cut, at least with respect to imports. but internal prices don't change (at least not immediately). This has the effect of discouraging imports and encouraging exports. Taken to extremes it will mean hyperinflation and financial collapse but used judiciously it's a good economic tool.

Comment Encryption was defined as a weapon as well (Score 4, Insightful) 312

Encryption was defined as a weapon until '97. There were a number of interesting end runs around that, including a book with all of the PGP source code in it. Since you could print the definition for a 3D gun, banning 3D files for guns should run into the same legal restrictions that banning the publishing of encryption software did.

Comment The only unlimited credit line you can get (Score 1) 234

It's funny, but it's been this way for ages - the phone company will essentially give you unlimited credit. Mr Dorff is living on about $1500 a month. How many credit cards with $25K limits do you think he has? I don't understand why phone companies don't just set a max for your bill and then shut you off if it goes over that, at least for billable items like long distance.

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