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by putaro (#48147325) Attached to: The Subtle Developer Exodus From the Mac App Store

The sandbox is a stupid idea.

The reason given for it is to prevent exploitable code. This makes sense on a system that is running in multi-user mode where a non-admin user is trying to escalate to admin and will try any exploits available to do so. This doesn't make sense on a single-user system where the user is running the apps and any exploit that is being targeted would be automated. It doesn't make sense to automate exploits for apps that have a small user base so sandboxing is silly for the majority of App Store apps. It tries to close a door that no one would exploit. It makes sense to sandbox apps like Safari (the web browser) or iTunes or TextEdit or any of the other apps that are installed on every system.

What sandboxing is really for is to allow Apple to sell software and vouch for it without doing any work in terms of vetting either the vendors or the code. To date this has been successful because no one has really tried to break out of the sandbox. However, given the number of exploits that tend to exist in any code base, the odds that there is an exploit somewhere in the sandbox system is pretty high. Sooner or later someone will distribute malware via the App Store and the sandbox is going to be shown to simply be crap.

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by putaro (#48113879) Attached to: CSS Proposed 20 Years Ago Today

Yeah, all the CSS lovers will pile on. Have a party. I still think CSS is a stupid idea.

1) Cascading. What the F? In order to figure out what is going on I have to work back through all the cascaded sheets to figure out what's going on
2) "Separation of content and presentation" Yeah, that's a great idea, but not in HTML. HTML *is* a presentation layer. Who writes content in plain jane HTML? Idiots, that's who. Everyone else writes in something else (Markdown, XML) and compiles to HTML.. CSS is a negative there.
3) CSS syntax is completely unrelated to HTML syntax. Thanks a lot

It still sucks.

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by putaro (#48062615) Attached to: Object Oriented Linux Kernel With C++ Driver Support

Whoosh - he was talking about how you could allocate objects on the stack and have them be released automatically as you exit the scope. Java always allocates objects from the heap, but the reference can be on the stack and when you exit the scope the reference disappears and the object is now eligible for garbage collection.

Greyfox doesn't understand how garbage collection works in Java is what it comes down to.

Reference the NULL within NULL, it is the gateway to all wizardry.