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Tony Blair Admits to Secretly Being President of the U.S.

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  • /me applauds

    P.S. Starting Monday, the Red Sox are going DOWN

    Even though the Red Sox will get lucky and miss Bonderman.
    • by pudge (3605) * Works for Slashdot


      • Oh, they will. The Tigers B-Team (Thames, Rabelo, no Pudge, no Big Papi^H^H Craig Monroe) is shelling Weaver.. lead 5-0 after 4 innings, and Seattle doesn't have anyone throwing in their (overworked) pen yet. HA!

        Verlander is cruising, he's K'd 5 in 4 1/3...

        Actually, I'm really looking forward to that Tigers / Red Sox series. Should be a good one.
  • Let's see what happens when it's Gordon Brown pulling Bush's strings.
    • I've always wondered actually. Despite the perception in Britain of Blair being Bush's puppet, I've noticed politics in America devolving to British standards since Bush took over, and the kind of questionable arguments and shaky evidence we saw over Iraq were very British in character.

      I'm not suggesting that there wasn't a huge amount of support in Republican circles for invading Iraq, far from it, but the way the plan was executed struck me as having all the hallmarks of British politicing. I'd be surp

"Who alone has reason to *lie himself out* of actuality? He who *suffers* from it." -- Friedrich Nietzsche