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Comment: Re:Aliens? (Score 1) 367

by psued0ch (#24362911) Attached to: Nukes Not the Best Way To Stop Asteroids, Says Apollo Astronaut

You know that using nuclear weapons against an Earth-bound object will fail, why bother using it as a backup plan?

It is not at all practical or possible to construct a spacecraft with capabilities to land on an asteroid, somehow reverse it's engines, and have enough power to move the asteroid.


+ - VoIP for Crossplatform gamers->

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Bonzoli writes: "Having issues hooking up with your voice communications when your on linux and your squad is on windows? Getting tired of making Wine and Ventrilo work on Linux every time you upgrade? Getting ticked your 5 year old version of Teamspeak that doesn't give up the /dev/dsp audio device wont let you hear the game? Well Mumble is the opensource solution to cross platform gaming. This VoIP Cross platform application supports encrypted connections, ingame directional audio from channel members, graphical overlay to see who is speaking, multiple channels, groups, sysadmin, pulseaudio support, text-to-speech, dbus, and a whole lot more to improve the gaming experience. This isn't just a catch up product, mumble is paving a new road for opensource gaming."
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