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Comment Re:wah wah wah clickbait (Score 1) 400

I should have mentioned that I was relaying what Lucas said in an interview I saw. Of course there are lots of things they *could* have done, none of which would have been nearly as good as the original decision to cut the scene entirely.

But as for your suggestion. It's quite a long section of dialog for a reaction shot.

Comment Re:Lame (Score 1) 400

I disagree. I saw the first one at the Leicester Square Odeon when it first came out and right from the opening sequence it was a game-changer. It needed a big, huge, screen and rumbling sound system.

So much this. I have tried to explain to my daughters the feeling of that opening sequence with the camera panning the star field until the planet comes into view followed by massive spacecraft rumbling into view right over your head! Truly awe-inspiring to 11 year-old me.

Comment Re:wah wah wah clickbait (Score 2) 400

When the scene was filmed, Ford walked around behind the actor playing Jabba while talking to him. Since they had established Jabba as a giant slug prior to deciding to put that scene back into episode IV, they had to figure out how to handle it. They couldn't cut the part where Han walks around behind him, because of the continuous dialog. The compromised by having him step on the tail.

The stupid was not just leaving the scene out as they did for the original release. It adds nothing to Han's back story that our imaginations hadn't already provided.

Comment Re:Predictable cadence? (Score 1) 95

The point is, why should patches be held back from everyone else just so your organization has time to plan and test. Your organization can wait until it is ready to apply the patch while some other, more nimble, organization can apply it sooner. There is absolutely no reason for the patch to be held back to give you time to get your duck in a row.

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