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Comment Re:Predictable cadence? (Score 1) 95

The point is, why should patches be held back from everyone else just so your organization has time to plan and test. Your organization can wait until it is ready to apply the patch while some other, more nimble, organization can apply it sooner. There is absolutely no reason for the patch to be held back to give you time to get your duck in a row.

Comment Re:Agreed (Score 1) 950

In my experience, what women *want* and what gets women *hot* are two different things.

They want a nice guy. They get hot for a bad boy.

The trick is to show your bad boy side when you meet them (and periodically throughout your relationship) but show your nice guy side most of the time.

Here's the thing, most guys misunderstand the bad boy concept. They seem to think being being a bad boy means mistreating when what it really means is a) being willing to break the rules *for her*, and b) be willing to stand up to her when she needs it.

Now, one girls "bad boy" might be another girls, "too nice" (i.e. boring) so you need to find a girl whose idea of bad and nice fits with yours.

It's not really all that hard.

Comment If you want a technical job (Score 1) 420

Perhaps civil engineering or hvac engineering. Engineering-level construction jobs can be very rewarding and are well paid.

I also happen to think that software development will continue to be a rewarding career. I recently went back to it myself when I realized that the need for software is going to increase faster than the world can supply talented developers.

The trouble with a lot of self-made men is that they worship their creator.