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Comment Re:Intel vs. AMD MHz race all over again (Score 1) 414 414

I do not agree. "99% of users stop caring" because no real increases in CPU frequency were forthcoming. I would buy a 10GHz CPU for the same price I bought 3GHz CPU 5 years ago.And I would buy a 27" gaming monitor with say, 4000x2500 pixel count.

Comment Re:Low Quality (Score 0) 96 96

The whole idea of Intellectual Property comes in to play because companies wanted to assume monopoly over tech/entertainment markets. The current legislation behind patents and copyrights is a result of this effort via lobby, and on the public relation front of it is this crusade for IP.

Comment Re:How is this even possible? (Score 1) 193 193

Is it just me who find it outrageous that councils are using these excuse for a software, like Office suit and all that, and piling up costs to update and maintain them, while a fucking free text editor do the job, on a lower spec pc, with little to no maintenance costs?

I mean, there's a host of reliable, powerful and well supported tool for all the stuff that a normal office person does: emailing, writing documents: plain text editing is at the heart of writing a document, formatting is only a secondary thing and is not needed until the point that you must print it, in which case, you a bloody asciidoc/markdown/whatever formatter and get done with it. Spreadsheets are just a poor excuse for doing something more complicated and confusing way than a simple script language and some elaborate, plain text formatted data. That is all what a simple office minion need to use, in any country, in any council. There are great, free ways to construct digital forms too, without a mess what Word is.

Yes, it requires training. So does Excel Fucking 2007. And then again, Excel Fucking 2010. And then agian... with, or without ribbons. And then, learn "Cloud Services". But once the person got comfortable of doing some basic calculations with plain ascii stored data, that knowledge will be useful for her entire career. These aren't user friendly systems: many spend most of their time to find the right templates, the right bloody styles, fixing their fonts placing and sizing the columns, scrolling back and forth (c'mon, in excell 2010 I can't even tell how that fucking scrolling works in the first place, and eventually every poor fucker must write macros because otherwise useless. Just get a fucking education in a user friendly programming language such as python, or I don't mind what and leave me alone with your digitally useless spreadsheets) instead of actually dealing with the work at hand. And the costs are enormous for basically worse productivity, crippled by updates and fragmentation, incompatibility, linked costs (like that of the operating system and million additional "app" to make it useful to some degree) and pay an army of "Microsoft expert" to locate files in hidden directories. The whole MS Office world is mess crippling public services.

Comment Re:Internet connection (Score 2) 395 395

So the guy in Tulsa who develops, say, rotor blades should have only the access to the relevant parts of the helicopter design. Why would this guy need to know the schematics for the targeting system, for example? Thus if a hacker gains access, he will only get rotor blade secrets, not the whole design's.

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