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Comment Re:I'm suffering more from overload than anything (Score 1) 385

I really wish a lot of these on-demand stuff would have a random or station mode.
Often I know exactly what I want and exactly when I want it (now), but sometimes I feel like finding something new or just wanting to go through my recorded shows or whatever is available. As long as I can constrain it (no reality TV) or add a algorithm to the mix (I like this kind of stuff, I don't like this kind of stuff) it should be fine.
Think like the random button on your iPod, video isn't much different than music and I want a flow of shows like what I have with music, think what I have recorded on my DVR I recorded it because I wanted to see it, but not necessarily in any particular order give me a station of my shows that I have recorded. Same thing with Netfilx give me an option of just choosing a movie or show for me based on my history of reviews and watched, it may be interesting on what it picks up.
In my opinion when the show that you're watching ends and drops you back to the menus or it stops and you get the delete/keep prompt, I think is wrong, and that it should just continue along with a new item that you may have queued or saved, if I don't like it I will skip or go to the menus myself and find something else.

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