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Comment Re:And who trusts Financial "Advisors"? (Score 3, Insightful) 71

a) you do not know if he or she is not wealthier than one of them (or if he is one of them)
b) the listed people had different profit gaining careers which are not necessarily only based on financial trading. For example, Bill Gates started a software company and got a large loan from his parents.
c) In a large enough group it is statistical possible that players with the same capabilities, but subjected to a random environment will end with different amounts in the end.
d) Also if the average advisor is not better than a random generator then there still can be an advisor or player who is better than average who will earn a fortune.
e) To get really rich, you must understand the financial market. but you also need an advantage by having a special insight in the market and most importantly politics (as politics define the rules of the game).

Comment Re:What are miles? (Score 1) 144

No they are one of the last three countries using the measurement system of their past overlords. I guess they do it in tribute to the Empire or because they are accustomed to it and do not want to change. Anyway, it is expensive to use such an ancient system in opposition to the rest of the world, and due to its incompatibility of inch, feet, yards, and miles which each other, it is more error prone to use.

Comment Re: Decentralized source control (Score 1) 117

True. however, good OSS projects document in the code describing the intent of a module or provide text files with the code (for example the Linux kernel). Others ignore documentation and then they wonder why they cannot really attract new programmers. Anyway, the beauty of git is, you can work offline and still be productive or counter productive (depends on your writing skills).

BTW: Commercial software also has often no documentation, documentation which describes what the code does (which should be obvious by reading the code), or documentation which describes the software in an envisioned version of it in the past. Most valuable would be an architecture description and a spec. of interface semantics (if they are important), like with libc.

Apart of making fun of OSS documentation 'strategies' ;-) , private software is often worse.

Comment Re: "7:30 PM" (Score 2) 117

Still they are an international service with customers around the world. Therefore, it would be logical to usw UTC. Especially, as most people know their difference to UTC, but not some freaky timezone in a country far way. Alternatively they could use AOE , but that is only known by scientists as the paper deadline time zone.

Comment Re: Seems like freedom of speech to me (Score 1) 195

No they habe not. You could say that in public. Your opinions are communucated by the media. There habe Bern hundrets of talk shows on the subject in the past years. Often it is you who do not want to talk to the media, which you call conveniently "lying media" (Lügenpresse). However, the only ones who come up with fairy tales in the subject are right wingers and fascist. BTW in most news media , for example the Zeit, you can post what you want in the comments. And many of you do so. Their comment are only removed when they can insult people or threaten them. So if you want to discuss something substantial please do so. However, I did not hear a coherent argument from your side. The only thing you do is having and spreading fear without providing a human solution. I will not give up human rights. And I will not shoot at unarmed people.

Comment Re:Heil Amazon! (Score 2) 195

While the whole thread is off topic, it is problematic when states are not well funded because some people and companies can sneak out with their money. Actually, it is stealing from the public and it shows that such people or companies do not care about other or the effects of their actions. In short they behave sociopathic. It also shows that they hope that others pa their taxes, because without funding the sate will collapse and there will be no schools, no food stamps (USA) and no minimal income (EU), no health care for everyone, no drinking water, no roads, no police, no money. Therefore, it is important to pay your taxes. Especially the social services help to stabilize a country and society. .

Comment Re:Seems like freedom of speech to me (Score 2) 195

It is not. Sending adverts to all your friends is spam not freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is about the right to be not censored by the government to suppress political, scientific and religious opinion. It is definitely not about ones last purchase, which is just something for a narcissistic person to express their self-importance. It often helps to visualize such posts as messages or letters to all your friends. It is annoying to get all these totally unimportant messages.

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