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Comment What a surprise (Score 1) 256

Of course all companies tune their devices to look good in the tests. This is nothing new and appears in all industries. The silly Mhz race with processors or the same shit with graphic processing units. Even on food labels they state calories, sugar etc. based on funky units, like meal size or portion. And we all know that cars use more fuel than advertised. True VW has really gone too far with it, but all the other are also cheats. And if there is a hell they will all go there.

Comment Re: remote control has to meny points of fail that (Score 1) 126

If a train is stopped in a segment the segment behind him will stay blocked. It is only released when the train has left its segment. At least that is how railways are operated in most parts of Europe.

Anyway, your algorithm would cause a major collapse and of the railway system. You would rather built it with some decision support. However, high speed trains use multiple ways to communicate position and speed. And they know how fast they can go at any segment of the tracks.

Comment Misleading article, what a surprise (Score 1) 100

As often on /. people are unable to read the source they are then transforming in an article on /.
IBM did not shrink transistors, they played around with nano tubes like many other researchers, but they are not closer to an application than any other research facility. Therefore, they did not find a new way, others have constructed similar approaches before, and I doubt that theirs is so different that it can be classified as a "new approach". It is not even a way to shrink transistors, because they fiddle around with a new concept which may lead to an technology. There are at least 10 to 20 years between their "finding" and an application. And finally, what they build is a switch, just because transistors are used as switches, does not mean that every switch is an transistor. Relays are also switches but not transistors.

So actually the title should be: IBM played around with nano tubes and they claim to have found a new way to make a switch.

Comment Tough choice for the USA (Score -1, Troll) 348

Presently, you can either vote for a Republican nut case or Hilary who used the wrong email account. Really, that is the level of political discussion on your side of the ocean? And you wonder why your government is unable to fix anything.

Oh I forgot, you have this "Communist" you could vote for, but he will never be in the position. He wants to fix things.

Comment Re:nature's 4-fold harmonic IP addresses (Score 4, Funny) 435

I personally require at least one more month to finish my thesis. Therefore, I am totally opposed to an end of world right now. I mean, they waited 6000 years. Plus/minus one month shouldn't be that big of a problem. Or better six month so I can have some vacation and get my PhD from university. However, when I am on /. I might need one more month. Oh flip lets make it a year. How about world end in 2016? God? Jesus? Anybody? Is that too much to ask?

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