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Comment Time for OSS Software to take the lead (Score 1) 460

Oh, but I forgot we are also just mimicking nice looking UI. However, we fail in both departments. For example, in Gnome if you want to log out, you have to click on the systems menu symbol in the upper right corner, which is a good idea, but then you can only see symbols for shutdown and configuration. The logout is hidden behind the user name. How stupid is that? Logout, Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hiberante are functional similar from a users point of view. Therefore, they should be accessible directly or it should be at least be obvious where to click to get that function. It is NOT part of the account information which you would expect behind the users name.

Comment Barbarism (Score 1) 484

If he really likes hangings, then he might join the IS, as they like it too. However, in the enlightened world hanging people is cruel and considered pointless. Especially so, when the guy hanged have nothing to do with the crime committed. Like last time. The guys were known by the French and international police. They have mass surveillance in France, even if this is not really legal in the EU. But when we are at it. Snowden should be hanged for the paper which did not get accepted at models conference, my dying avocado plant, that it is raining outside, and because he sucks. From the point of the CIA that should be totally enough cause for a hanging.

BTW: USA why are such people, like this CIA director in an office? People who have problems with the concept of human rights should be not in a powerful position. Really, fix that please.

Comment Re:Why they haven't taken them down (Score 1) 318

France has also a bulk monitoring and collecting of meta data, like the UK. And you can be sure that thy also monitor Internet traffic. However, they were not able to find anything. This is also one of the biggest problems. They have so much data, but they do not know what to do with it.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 318

There is nothing "left" about Twitter. Twitter is a tech company selling your information to the highest bidder just like Facebook. However, as far as I noticed, every reasonable person only tweets something public and no private stuff (exceptions are people who marketeer a personality which they claim is theirs).

Comment Re:Why they haven't taken them down (Score 4, Interesting) 318

If you only fight them in a war like scenario then this is correct. However, we can only win when we stop to produce young people who become willingly the tools of IS. Therefore, we have to cut the communication links of IS. And we must help those young men in school, university, and society to find another way to get recognition in life.

See also:

Comment Re:what good will this do ? (Score 1) 318

Most recruits of IS are young men, in a life changing situation, which are instable. Life changing situations are when thy end school and train in a profession, move towns for jobs, go to college and university. Therefore, this applies to most likely 1/3 of all slashdotters. I would assume that they use Twitter and Facebook beside all hate about it.

Comment Re:He's Right (Score 1) 378

Star Trek was a Sci-Fi series which promoted a positive alternative to the narrative of our past and present. It was also inspiring to engineers. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that any such alternative earth society will form in the next 100 years. We are blowing each other up over nothing and because we hate each other. Often for no good reason. And as long as this is the case, it would be devastating to have any of those Star Trek technologies at our hands (beside the little gadgets). We would blow us up.

Comment Re:Smart man (Score 2) 378

We make choices today which will harm our children and their children and may even affect tenth of generations. In the past people made such choices when they moved to the US. Some of them died trying. Others died in harsh winters. So we always make such choices for our children. Therefore, this is a bogus argument.

The real problem is to create a movable habitat which would actually work. We failed with Biosphere Two, but maybe we will get that thing working once. Then we have to be able to build it large enough so that a stable population can be established on the ship. And we have to provide them with energy, as for the most time no star will be close enough to do this from the outside.

Presently, we are unable to build such device, but it might be possible to build one in future. If we are able to provide enough energy for the trip.

Comment Re:Not sincerely held (Score 1) 518

What I personally find super interesting is this quote genesis "but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you shall surely die.", because humans were like animals once who had no perception of time i an abstract manner and they were not able to talk about concepts, but when they did, they achieved knowledge. Therefore, it is quite fascinating that this development is reflected in the text.

Comment Re:Not sincerely held (Score 3, Insightful) 518

The problem with this is, there is no sincerity test for religion available, as a religion can state any number of weird things and their followers believe only in a part of it or violate rules on purpose or because of ignorance. For example Catholics (at least in Europe) they use condoms. This is not really allowed especially not when having sex with different people. So total commitment is not a necessary criteria. And as they do joke about their religion, this cannot be a criteria either. If you look at the Discordianists, part of their believe is it to make fun of believes (including their own). And Christians believe that a cookie wafer is a part of their beloved god or symbol for his body and that they have to eat it in remembrance. So in the end you have to accept any weirdo with any hat like thing as long as the face is visible..

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