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Comment: Re: Trains sound like a good idea. (Score 2) 84

by prefec2 (#47588079) Attached to: Driverless Buses Ruled Out For London, For Now

There are already some driverless underground railways in operation. For example in Nuremburg and even in London. Buses would be possible when driverless cars are working. In most cases talking to the driver is limited to asking for a ticket by specifzing the destination. A ticket machine can provide the same service.

Comment: Yes. Defenitely. (Score 2) 190

Ann election must be free, equal, and secure. To ensure equality, the count must be repeatable for everyone. Online voting vor any voting machine does not provide that feature. The German supreme court ruled that voting machines do not allow real democratic elections.

And it is not a good argument that voting machines or online voting is faster. Fast and convenient is not the core concerns for democracy. The above criteria are.

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by prefec2 (#47473601) Attached to: Sexual Harassment Is Common In Scientific Fieldwork

Exactly my point. Normally, company policies try to "fix" harassment by forbidding relationships with co-workers. That would be counterproductive. I rather would like to propose a way to improve the ability for harassed people to press charges and compulsory shrink visits for both including mediation, which should be also used for minor incidents (including misunderstandings) to solve issues instead of just hanging the man/woman for severe misconduct.

Comment: Re:Some people are jerks (Score 1) 362

by prefec2 (#47473577) Attached to: Sexual Harassment Is Common In Scientific Fieldwork

The problem here, as described in text, is that they get away with it. Logically, we must ask: Why? However, this is missing from the article. As, harassment and assaults are already prohibited. It is against the law. Therefore, the problem lies in the "Why do people not press charges?" In the US this is often "solved" by prohibiting on a organisational level that people have non-work relationships with co-workers. I personally find this very inhumane. A better solution would be a way to address the real issue, by limiting the power of "senior" members towards the newbies. And to provide processes to deal with the harassment through mediators and of course obligatory psychological council (for both sides).

Comment: Only when you are unsatisfied (Score 1) 282

by prefec2 (#47389297) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Often Should You Change Jobs?

If you have a job you like. Don't switch. Switching just for having switched brings you nowhere. Good reasons for switching are: Moving to another city, if you are interested in challenging work then the lack of it, other causes which make you unhappy, money, your personal career strategy, e.g., CEO of IBM.

Comment: What is wrong with your society? (Score 2) 875

by prefec2 (#47201445) Attached to: America 'Has Become a War Zone'

Honestly, sitting here in Germany, I wonder what is going on in the US. I've visited the US years ago and my impression was that beside some oddities (e.g., people running around with guns on the street, people telling me that the EU will be the next Roman Empire) the US is a nice place especially when it comes to its inhabitants. Nowadays, most of my information about the US is from the media (including the Internet) and I have the impression that your country is falling apart. First of all, you have a war on anything. In other countries these things are called problems or challenges. Second, your political system is constructed to suppress minority opinion resulting in an immobility of politics. And third, you have lost to solve internal conflicts. Instead you built guarded communities, like in South Africa or other developing countries. You have the highest rate on prison inmates of the world. So please FIX IT. Otherwise your broken country will also break our almost broken countries in the EU. True we have to fix our states too, but at least we are not a war zone (and yes the Ukraine is in Europe, but not part of the EU).

Comment: Nerds (Score 1) 1198

by prefec2 (#47112139) Attached to: Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

Nerds are a hard to define group of persons. Depending on the kind of group of people, nerds have different properties. In some context it is used as a term of honor, while other use the term to decry someone. In the article I assume to a different definition of nerd is referred to. A nerd is there a person with low self-esteem. Someone who thinks suppressed, mobbed or ignored by others. They are a little closer to the autistic side and they feel uncomfortable around other people. Even more when those people are not nerds too.

The male version of such nerds tend to have had not much experience with women and might not know how to act proper around them. They might be even aware of this fact. They might even understand the psychology of mating rituals, but as they lack the intuition (which comes from practice and success) they have an unsatisfied need in that context.

A mental solution to fix this from a personal point of view is to imitate successful role models. These figures can come from the real world or from TV, books, videos and even games. However, these role models are mostly incompatible with the present and often not compatible with any culture on earth to any given time. Nevertheless, they often carry an image of women as "bitches" or "slaves", which can result in a male behavior which is highly inappropriate.

Another solution from a personal view is projection of self-hate onto others. Example: From "I hate me for not having sex with women" the nerd makes the switch to "I hate women for rejecting me". This even works when he was not actively rejected but ignored.

Both strategies can even used together for a maximum of awkwardness and hate.

Please do not misinterpret this as "He hates nerds". I don't. I am one myself. Even though I chose a third solution and after decades I tried a fourth that worked and now I am a normal person ;-)

The third solution is suggesting to yourself that you are not interested in women beside being a friend. I tried that from 20 to 35, which worked perfectly in the beginning because I had my first girlfriend shortly after I switched to that scheme. However, that relationship only worked for some month and was totally unsatisfactorily for the next 15 years. Then I decided that a new scheme might work even better. I could try to be polite and ask women out, but first I should not look like an unwashed yeti from under the bridge. And that really worked. It would also work with people who have chosen method one or two. However, they need first to accept who they are and then accept that women are humans and equals. And acceptance is not achieved by saying it but by meaning it. If you have any trouble with that: See a shrink. I did (somehow). It worked.

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by prefec2 (#47040833) Attached to: ESA's Cryosat Mission Sees Antarctic Ice Losses Double

Your assumptions would be true if melting ice would be the only effect on the sea water level and the melting itself would be a linear process. However, there are other effects.

a) Due to a rising global temperature the ocean temperature is also rising in the upper water layers. These masses do also expand.
b) When the glacier speed in Antarctica is picking up more speed, as it is right now, the melting will increase and also will the rise in sea level.
c) The greater introduction of sweet water in Antarctica will effect the overall global water stream system. This system causes certain dents and bumps in the ocean surface. Changes to the system will cause changes to these dents and bumps and therefore sea level changes could be higher at some shore lines. Furthermore, this will cause a lot of local climate change.

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Easy. First, the UK gets a lot from the EU in term of market access. Most of UKs financial industry would not work that well without the continent. Second, the UK is attractive to foreign (non-EU-companies) to place their European HQ in the UK. If the UK would not be part of the EU. This attractiveness would be diminished. Ireland would most likely profit from that move. Third, UK subsidies go into many areas. For example, food production. And the UK profits from those lower food prices. Fourth, 14 EUR per year is not that much. Actually, we could even print it. Mario Dragi could buy all those state obligations.

Beside that: We work together in the EU not only to boost economy. The goal is provide a common body for a free (as in human rights) Europe. This can only be realized by supporting the weaker states and regions in the EU. What you gain from that is peace and cultural exchange.

Democracy works in big states. For example India or the US of A. Yes we have to make it more democratic. But honestly. The one country preventing steps in that direction is the UK.

And finally, you postulate that it is unfair how many votes an MEP from Malta or Luxembourg represents. It is true. However, this imbalance is there to protect minorities. Malta has only 5 seats, and Luxembourg 6. While the UK has 72. We could have fixed that with the Lisbon-Treaty, but the UK was not very interested in a real and complete democratic parliament with legislative power.

Since the UK joined the EU, they saw the EU merely as a trade union. The continental states, like France or Germany, had always the goal to have also a political integration. Therefore, it would be completely logical for the UK to leave.

BTW: Maybe the Scottish will join the EU. We will see.

Comment: Why are they in the EU again? (Score 5, Informative) 341

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The British government does not want anything which has to do with the EU, especially when it comes to human rights. Lately, they opposed the European human rights declaration. Now that! They do not want to tax their financial sector, so they can pay back all the money the states had to spend to stabilize the economy. If they really do not want to be in the EU. Then fuck off and leave. If the only interest is a trade union. We can negotiate one. But please do not hold back the other nations. Thanks.

Comment: My Mobile Wallet (Score 1) 272

by prefec2 (#46993601) Attached to: Why Mobile Wallets Are Doomed

My wallet is mobile and it works even days without recharging. Also most payment systems do not work that well at the local market or flee market. It is not free of charge. It is also unable to work between normal people everywhere. The latter could be fixed with a standard which works with different payment systems. The free of charge thing is most likely not fixable if the whole thing is not state or central bank driven. The biggest problem is, however, the limited battery power. With no electricity the thing is worthless. If it is used for train/plane tickets, no electricity means no ticket. For payment apps, it means no money.

In addition, present solution work good enough and the benefit of app based payment is not that big.

Comment: Re:What you get (Score 1) 661

Many people confuse the form of a state and its economic system with the governing method. For starters: A state could be a republic or a monarchy, where in a republic the leader position is not transferred to a child (or another person in the family hierarchy/dynasty) of the present leader. A monarchy is quite the opposite. The economic dimension is nowadays defined by either total all is owned by specific persons vs. all is owned by everyone. This not necessarily means that the state owns everything, but that is an option. The third dimension is the way how the governing happens. That could be democratic in various flavors from direct democracy over parliament democracy or elected presidents to dictatorships.

China, for instance, is a republic with a more or less capitalistic economic system and a dictator which is presently Mr. Xi. North Korea mostly looks like a monarchy, dictatorship with a state controlled economy.

The US is a republic and it has a capitalistic economy. Its government is democratic by constitution, however, due to reciprocal effects the democratic selection process is broken. This is a problem in most western democracies at the moment. And we MUST fix it.

Comment: Re:Why the hell... (Score 1) 661

Your claim is stupid, because it would require to re-test everything during your stay at university. In reality you learn many of the laws of your field derived from applications of the scientific method. You learn about Newton's law and do not need to reproduce it, as it has already be tested and it is a good model for certain contexts. In CS you learn about Gödel's incompleteness theorems you do not need to come up with the proof yourself you just learn it. And you learn about the consequences of it. And this is not indoctrination, it is learning.

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