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Comment: This is so much cheaper for the US (Score 3, Interesting) 80

by prefec2 (#49547691) Attached to: German Intelligence Helped NSA Spy On EU Politicians and Companies

Instead of having to spy on the EU themselves, the NSA hires BND to do it for them. Super. Actually, a satire magazine in Germany might have an answer to that why the BND spied on the EU and told the Us its findings. The job of the BND is called Auslandsaufklärung which can be misunderstood as enlighten foreign countries instead of be enlightened about foreign countries. As they have acted dumb before, it is possible that this is the correct solution and they are not a bunch of illegal, uncontrolled traitors. BTW their budget increased in recent years while all others shrunk. The bitter truth is that most likely the present German foreign minister knew about that and so did chancellor Merkel and they will get away with that treason.

Comment: A the new and shiny (Score 1) 181

by prefec2 (#49513717) Attached to: Swift Tops List of Most-Loved Languages and Tech

Yes, the new and shiny is most popular. How could that happen?

By the way, it might be interesting to see this "most loved" thing filtered for "full time employee" and "full time freelancer". I assume that then other languages might appear in the list on top. But anyway, the stack overflow statistics are interesting.

Comment: Re:Batteries are too expensive (Score 2) 533

by prefec2 (#49505763) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

Not really. At least not in Germany. Certain people around the country have calculated that it is cheaper to store their own electricity then giving it away to the grid, while they have to by electricity during the night. For most such installation, they are now 80% independent. True there are still 20% not covered, but consider you get an guarantee price in Germany as a household for selling "renewable" electricity. So this might be different for other countries. Especially, Germany is pretty far north on the globe, so for most parts of the US there must be more sunlight available throughout the year.

Comment: Best idea since sliced bread (Score 1) 117

by prefec2 (#49491837) Attached to: UK Company Wants To Deliver Parcels Through Underground Tunnels

Yes all these drones flying through the air dropping parcels on peoples heads. That is definitely not the future. The future are small tunnels beneath the cities which transport all the goods to the homes. True it works best in densely populated areas, but who doesn't? And in those remote areas the parcel head problem would be limited. So that is the niche for drones. Tunnels and tubes is definitely the best solution. Look at the movie Brasil. A whole society can thrive on such system. True it is just a dystopian movie, but for ./ that should suffice as solid evidence. Beside digging tunnels is not that expensive.

Seriously, tunnels? Not again. I had one of those future books from the sixties when I was young (in the 1980s) and they proposed that idea already. So it is not new, but is is flipping expensive. A better solution is a multi model transportation system. For example trams can deliver parcels to certain drop of places. In Dresden (yes that's where those semi-Nazis hang around in Germany), VW uses trams to transport goods between different locations, which they only do because it is more efficient than trucks. So the same can be done with parcels. From there parcels can either be delivered to those parcel robot stations ( by unmanned electric vehicles or you use delivery vehicles (smaller than the present ones) for door to door delivery. You could even allow people to tell the service when they are at home. Until then the parcel is stored at the tram parcel drop off station.

Comment: Re:The only thing Google has violated is ... (Score 2) 245

by prefec2 (#49484087) Attached to: Google Responds To EU Antitrust Claims In Android Blog Post

Your comment is utter rubbish. EU monopoly law is different from that in the US. In the EU we assume that when you have a dominant market position, this already endangers the positive effect of a free market. Therefore, to allow other companies to be able to enter the market, the dominant company must be constraint in a way that it cannot use its size to corner the market. This will allow other companies, such as Microsoft and Yahoo to play a bigger role in that market. BTW: Microsoft was also sued by the EU commission because its dominant position in desktop OSes which they used to push IE. That allowed projects like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome to prosper again.

Comment: This will make Android better (Score 1) 245

by prefec2 (#49484065) Attached to: Google Responds To EU Antitrust Claims In Android Blog Post

Android is widely used today. However, due to its tie in with Google, it hinders technology evolution like Windows did. The EU anti-trust case will certainly force Google to open up which will allow other people and companies to add to Android. It could even be fixed without Google. For example, things like the browser being firmware will then no longer be possible (even though Google recently found out that this is a stupid idea all by themselves).

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