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Comment: Re:Simple... (Score 3, Insightful) 376

by pr0nbot (#48491105) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35?

I think I'd advise the reverse, at least in terms of company size. A small company is more likely to value you for what you do, rather than want to replace you because your salary has become "too high". The small company I work for has a family feel to it, with zero office politics, but possibly not the same career advancement possibilities you'd get at a megacorp.

Perhaps startups are a special case; an established small company will be more stable. Or at least, your future is tied more to the performance of the company than the whims of those above you.

Comment: Re:USA 1969 (Score 1) 314

What advantage can you think of that a $1000 bill has over 10 x $100 bills?

I can dream up a few, like if I want to bribe my congressman maybe I don't need as many envelopes, or on those days where I need to shift $20,000,000 in cash it's a few pounds lighter so the shipping is cheaper.

But none of these would make me "strongly favor" bringing it back.

Comment: Re:Eurozone... (Score 1) 314

"How can they stop to individuals that have agreed to use these notes doing business with them?"

That seems pretty unlikely - why would criminals want to set up their own currency (which is effectively what this means). Currencies operate entirely on trust, and there's no honour amongst thieves...

I could imagine them using something that has intrinsic market value and is fungible, like gold or cocaine.

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