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Comment Re:Key points about AI (Score 1) 236 236

"4) In the far majority of cases, Real AI's goals will NOT be to take over the world, kill all humans, anymore than it would be to have sex with humans (male or female.), In fact, those might be considered traits of an insane AI."

Why do you assume AI will be so radically different to us in this regard?

As far as I can tell, humanity's goal has always been to take over the world and kill anything that even vaguely gets in the way, or is tasty.

Perhaps "real AI" will be a single AI, and thus different to humanity.

Comment Re:Just run your own (Score 4, Interesting) 147 147

A former colleague of mine left to a startup which some years later was absorbed by Google. The work she does at Google involves access to multiple Google databases (to detect fraudulent access patterns), which is apparently unusual. I asked her about the DNS database; she said that is the one database to which she (and most other projects at Google) doesn't have access. I took from this that Google does track DNS access.

Comment Angular (Score 5, Interesting) 175 175

I can't comment on the other technologies, but Angular has transformed how I build the interactive parts of web pages.

When you first approach Angular it seems like an over-engineered, incomprehensible edifice, and the tutorial throws you straight into writing your whole website as a single-page application. But once your realise that you can use a small lump of it on a single page to bind some UI elements to javascript state objects, you find yourself using it all the time even for small things. For me at least, it's as much a revelation as jquery was.

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