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Comment Re:Prevents MTM hardware attacks (Score 1) 345

There's actually a chip on the home button to go along with the finger print sensor. That chip has an ID number and it is what is "paired" with the ID on the mainboard.

I have a 5s with a battery that was failing so I was looking into replacing it. Looked a little too complicated to do myself, but saw a whole bunch of articles about the home button from people who had problems with it when they accidentally ripped the cable.

Comment Re:Profitable? Really? (Score 1) 161

This would be great for Mars. Astronauts land up after a long hard journey and find 30,000 heads of lettuce waiting for them

All fine and well, but what if one of them is rotten and leads the others in revolt?

Faster than you can saw "'slaw in a salad", we're talking about a 30,000 head army awaiting out gallant Astronauts.

Have you considered that? ... I didn't think so!

Comment Re:Elementary school (Score 0) 320

I remember those, also.

Q: What did Commander Scobee tell his wife before he left?

A: You feed the dogs, I'll feed the fish.

Q: What was the last thing that went through Commander Scobee's mind during the explosion?

A: A piece of the dashboard.

I remember hearing afterwards that most of the "quick" jokes that came out, came out of the trading floors as both a coping mechanism and as a way for the stock traders to have something to open a conversation with people ("a new joke"). If true, then at least its something they provided that all the new automated trading systems can't (quick, tasteless jokes).

These were incredibly tasteless (all of them), but its interesting how quickly they came out as part of the human coping mechanism to deal with tragedy.

Comment Out at the Cape (Score 1) 320

I was in my teens over mid-winter break and my father had taken me down to Florida to watch a Space Shuttle launch since I loved the space program so much.

Every day for the week we had gotten up before dawn, trudged out in the cold and driven to the Visitor's Center to be bused out to the Visitor viewing area on the peninsula across from the launching area.

I remember when it launched everyone cheering, and then it exploded and people were confused that it didn't look right.

The bus driver who had seen lots of the launches already immediately knew something had gone wrong, and then we were all stuck there for a few hours while everything was locked down.

Somewhere I might even have a Kodak Disc with shots of the launch and explosion, but I fear those pictures have been lost to time except in my memory (and in truth, they weren't that great).

As a long time fan of Richard Feynman (my father had read me his first book as bed time stories), I kept following the news as all of my major focuses at the time converged and overlapped.

Tempus Fugit

Comment Re:Bandwagon (Score 1) 311

More colloquially, "the knee-jerk reaction," perhaps.

Although if one uses that as the foundation for one's entire political platform maybe we should come up with a new name for it.

Considering language may shift over time to shorter and more concise form, we could just call it "the jerk reaction".

Comment Re:Another year, another video codec... (Score 1) 285

How many of the existing devices are programable?

At this point, most devices are capable of downloading updates to playback apps, and the fact that they are connected to broadband for streaming video handles the required internet connection.

I've seen points in the past where playback mandated an app update, so I wouldn't discount that as a possibility.

Comment Re:wah wah wah clickbait (Score 1) 400

... Yeah, the Ewoks were too cutesy-poo and clearly there for kid-appeal, but if they'd been replaced by Wookiees, which I believe they were supposed to be originally, it would not have fundamentally changed the story. We might have has some better action scenes, but I don't think the movie would have been significantly different. ...

I basically remember hearing that originally, it was supposed to be a planet of Wookies, but then Chewie had grown into this character that everyone saw as a competent second-in-command of a spaceship, so how were you supposed to sell Wookies as "primitive" (aboriginal?) ...

... Enter the Ewok

(which just sounds like the name of a Kung-Fu/Star Wars crossover parody ... )

Comment Re:Another year, another video codec... (Score 1) 285

I think its more a matter of (potentially) saving 20% versus what they are using now.

Didn't read the whole blurb, but they are probably going full-in on HEVC ( )

The Wikipedia article mentions 50-60% savings using HEVC over H.264 depending on resolution, but chances are these are optimum subjective results. My Little Pony (and other animated shows) would probably encode much tighter compared to media that is action/visually dynamic.

Netflix may be looking at that 20% as a realistic figure for their library as a whole, baring in mind realistic encoding savings and the size of their catalog in various categories.

From 2 years ago which seems to forecast where they are now:

Comment Re:Having followed their exploits for a while now. (Score 1) 320

... You can't win a war without infantry. ...

You CAN ... but you have to be prepared to take a very scorched earth policy.

If you're ready to just Glass the country, and prepared for the Fallout that will entail (pun intended), then Infantry becomes irrelevant.

I am not in any way suggesting that this is either advisable, or something that any sane person would do, but it IS a position where bombing does not require infantry to win.

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