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by plasm4 (#39486533) Attached to: UK Man Jailed For 'Offensive Tweets'
Why should being an asshole be punished by prison time, if no one got hurt. Why not just ignore the assholes? Considering that writing on your Facebook or Twitter account isn't really too different from saying it in a crowded room, maybe everyone should walk around recording what everyone else says. 90% of the country would end up in jail.

Comment: It's not the first time (Score 5, Interesting) 922

by plasm4 (#39485527) Attached to: UK Man Jailed For 'Offensive Tweets'
I made a similar submission this morning regarding this issue.

This guy is being prosecuting for making critical remarks about British soldiers.

These guys were sent to prison for encouraging rioting on Facebook.

The BBC has more information here.

Everyone believes that Democracy won the cold war over Communism, but given what's happening in the west today, how true is that?

+ - UK MPs Threaten New Laws If Google Won't Censor Search->

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judgecorp writes "A committee of British MPs and peers has asked Google to censor search results to protect privacy and threatened to put forward new laws that would force it to do so, if Google fails to comply. The case relates to events such as former Formula One boss Max Mosley's legal bid to prevent Google linking to illegally obtained images of himself."
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