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Comment Re:Who wears a watch these days (Score 1) 290

When I moved to Britain a few years ago that was the thing that surprised me most. I think it must be a common misconception that Americans have about Brits. I always thought it was just us uncultured Americans that used tea bags and that you guys knew better. It was a similar situation with butter and margarine.

Submission + - All major browsers hacked at Pwn2Own contest->

itwbennett writes: Security researchers who participated in the Pwn2Own hacking contest this week demonstrated remote code execution exploits against the top four browsers, and also hacked the widely used Adobe Reader and Flash Player plug-ins. On Thursday, South Korean security researcher and serial browser hacker JungHoon Lee, known online as lokihardt, single-handedly popped Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows, as well as Apple Safari on Mac OS X. He walked away $225,000 in prize money.
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Comment Re: Screw your laws (Score 4, Insightful) 193

They're no different from normal taxi companies really. The driver works and pays for the upkeep of the car and pays a weekly or monthly fee to the taxi company. Taxi drivers in my area have to work 70 - 80 hour weeks to make a living. It does suck.

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