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Comment Re:Price tags are the greatest innovation of retai (Score 1) 439

Negotiation is fundamental to our economic system, and life in general when you consider negotiation not relating to money. I mean it's fair enough that you feel your own time is better spent on more important things which you're probably very good at, but it's not correct to say that negotiation in general is a waste of time and energy. The cost of all the expensive equipment and materials you use in your professional life has been negotiated. Had it not been negotiated by someone within your organisation, you would have fewer resources with which to do your job with; and it's not a particularly nice attitude to have toward your colleagues that are working to support you in your profession.

Comment Re:LG G4 (Score 1) 208

It just didn't occur to me that lack of a user serviceable battery would stop someone here from changing the battery if it had worn out, hence I assumed the only utility in it was the ability to swap batteries throughout the day. It's not that hard swapping a battery out, even on an iPhone. I'd rather have a thinner phone every day even if it means have to spend an hour every two years swapping the battery out.

Comment Re:The problem is Android (Score 2) 208

To use Android effectively, you must root your device and freeze/remove unwanted apps. With root, you must also use a firewall to block or limit network access to you still want to use.

You must also mange your radios well - only enable Bluetooth and GPS when you need it, otherwise keep them off; toggle mobile data and wifi when you roam which means don't leave wifi on while you leave your residence or workplace, and don't leave either on at night or for extended time. (Yes there is a lag in the morning when you turn on wifi and all the background apps sync at once to get email, messages, updates, etc. but you trade that for longer battery life by not using as many charge cycles.)

Managing both software and hardware is a bitch, but if you spend a bit of time to learn, you can get great battery life and overall performance (less background apps), and enjoy enhanced privacy (block ads, prevent data leaks, don't respond to wifi/BT pings, etc).

Why bother having a smart phone if you're going to do all of that?

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