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Comment: Most developers are pretty smart people (Score 1) 737

by Cthefuture (#46737209) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

I write software, as I have been doing for many decades. However, I can rebuild a car engine, I know electronics including building a radio from scratch, I can frame a house, build weapons from scratch, I know chemistry, cook, sew, farm, and any number of other useful things.

It's not about whatever skill you currently possess. It's about intelligence.

Comment: Zero should be its own option (Score 1) 240

by Cthefuture (#46737147) Attached to: How much do you spend yearly on mobile apps?

I imagine that is the most popular amount: Zero

Just browse the app store(s) and you can see it yourself. Even the most popular apps have hardly any sales. It's a losers bet to develop for these platforms. A huge vast majority will not make even a fraction of enough money to recover the cost of development. All mobile developers are wide-eyed morons hoping to score big. They might as well buy a lottery ticket.

Comment: It's "Lua" not "LUA" (Score 4, Informative) 477

by Cthefuture (#40870077) Attached to: Most Useful Scripting Language To Learn?

Lua is not an acronym. From the Lua web page:
"Lua" (pronounced LOO-ah) means "Moon" in Portuguese. As such, it is neither an acronym nor an abbreviation, but a noun.

LuaJIT is probably the fastest scripting language in existence. I have found for math-heavy algorithms it's as fast as optimized compiled C code. Plus it's FFI interface is stunningly fast, allowing easy fast access to native libraries.

Comment: Re:Wipe (Score 1) 547

by Cthefuture (#40791461) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Clean Up My Work Computer Before I Leave?

I boot off a DVD/USB to a minimal Linux system then write over the whole drive with cryptographically secure random data. That is a bit overkill but I work in security/cryptography and often have or had extremely sensitive data on my machine. "dd if=/dev/zero" works faster and is plenty good for normal people. This "nukes" the whole drive to a blank slate.

From there I'm usually able to install whatever OS they are using and set the machine up fresh. If the company has draconian IT policies and I can't install the OS then I let them re-image the drive. I only do this after I completely wipe the drive myself though. A re-image on top of your existing system most likely will not wipe all your old data.

Comment: Re:Does this affect desktop distros? (Score 1) 284

by Cthefuture (#40509765) Attached to: The Leap Second Is Here! Are Your Systems Ready?

My up-to-date Arch workstation went haywire (kernel 3.4.4). mysqld, firefox, and ksoftirq were using a massive amount of CPU. Stopping the processes made the CPU usage go away but as soon as I restarted them they would go nuts again. I had to reboot the machine.

I have an Ubuntu 12.04 server and Debian stable server that apparently were not affected. My Linux based routers also seemed unaffected although they don't run ntp as a daemon which probably makes a difference.

Comment: Almost all VPN services are fly-by-night ops (Score 2) 349

by Cthefuture (#40505545) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: VPN Service For a Deployed US Navy Ship?

Almost all VPN services are fly-by-night ops. Just don't do it. Seriously, they come and go like the wind. I'm sure there are legit and have been around for a long time but it's nigh impossible to vet any of these companies.

Instead find a good hosting providing and rent yourself a server with the amount of bandwidth you need and the location in the US you want (most providers have data centers in various places). For more security I would get a whole machine, not a VPS. Run OpenVPN or whatever on it and you're good to go. It wouldn't need much disk or RAM.

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