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Comment Re:How about that (Score 1) 71

The trend is towards using regular English endings in words with Germanic roots.

It makes good sense, too. English has so many rules specifically because it hasn't done that in the past, so we have words constructed with rules for latin, greek, german, english, etc., as you clearly know. It's infuriating.

Comment Re:Against the law (Score 1) 36

Haven't we had this discussion multiple times before?

Yes, but idiots keep pointing out how illegal Uber is without stopping to think about whether those laws are just. Nobody gives a fuck about the argument that what Uber is doing is illegal, unless they are already anti-Uber. Legality does not equal morality, so breaking the law is not in itself a sign of evil.

Comment Re: The new normal for Android (Score 1) 114

Almost ALL Android Devices are "Abandoned" on the day you buy them;

Literally the only Android device I've got which got no updates is the Sony Xperia Play. I learned my lesson, and Sony can DIAF. (They explicitly promised ICS for it, but never delivered.) Every other device I've got has had at least two substantial upgrades, or will be getting them. TF201 got two. Moto G had one, is getting another. Nexus 4, not a problem. My crappy MK908 TV stick had two updates. All of these devices got at least a couple of years of support.

YOU brought up length-of-OFFICIAL-Support. you lose.

You don't even understand the argument, iFanboy. The argument is that once official support is over, your iDevice is garbage. At least there's a chance that someone will support your Android device. Now go throw your old Apple devices in the landfill and shut the fuck up.

Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 36

Before anyone starts with the whole "medallion" thing, that's not a thing in London. If you want to publicly tout for business (i.e a black caps), you have to do "the knowledge" which is a very extensive and tough test for knowing your way around without a stanav. And no: having a sat nav is not remotely equivalent to actually knowing your way around

No, it's better. Google knows where traffic is stacked up in real time. If there's been an accident and a lorry is across all lanes someplace, Google will know about it before a driver with "the knowledge" — it doesn't mean you're bloody omniscient. If you were, you wouldn't go into the cab business, because you'd be able to see that self-driving cars are about to eliminate it entirely and this is just a big wankfest to grab the last few years. Like you'd be an idiot to go into trucking right now, as a career.

Comment Re:weakly disguised hit-piece (Score 1) 294

Apple invented basically none of the UI metaphors they capitalized on. What they did was put them all together in a way that wouldn't shit the bed constantly. That's no small achievement, they were the first to manage it with smartphones and you have to give them credit for that, and for successfully appropriating all these UI concepts. But that's about where it stops. That's a significant couple of achievements, but still don't add up to innovation. It's really just about taking the time to refine what you're doing before you add more features, which is a lesson which more corporations (and people, probably) could stand to learn.

Comment Re: The new normal for Android (Score 1) 114

4. Suggested Solution is to remain on said Platform, and purposely and permanently break Device's bootloader's security in order to install random, unsupported, un-vetted "Custom ROM" from the Internet.

Who's gonna steal your antique phone?

Given that the Custom ROM could very well be a Trojan itself, doesn't this cycle seem like the "cure" could be just another disease?

You don't think anyone would notice? I do.

And even if that isn't the case for a particular iteration, doesn't the next vulnerability simply end you up at Step 1, above, but simply with the "Custom ROM" instead of the OEM ROM?

Nothing is supported forever. When Apple drops an iDevice, you're just fucked. When an Android device is dropped, at least there's hope.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 315

At $1 plus a bottle (plus the almost always not recycled plastic bottle), why don't people just get a Britta filter for home or office?

A brita filter is pretty crap. It's fine for filtering vodka but pretty lame for tap water. It's just some cotton balls and carbon granules. If that's what you want, you can do that yourself.

It costs about $40-60 in stuff to add a halfway decent carbon-filtered drinking water faucet to an existing sink setup. A brita isn't even that much cheaper.

Comment Re: The new normal for Android (Score 1) 114

That rarely if ever covers that though. Take for example the HD Voice and voice recording features. None of the roms mention that those don't work, you just have to find out after installing it.

Sorry you've found that to be the case. For all four of my android devices covered on XDA-Developers (nobody there cares about the mk908, you have to go to freaktab) the information is quite good.

Comment Re:weakly disguised hit-piece (Score 1) 294

The very article you linked to describes NeXT as having a clear technical direction rather than aimless development.

NeXT never had significant market success.

In fact, it specifically says that NeXT was carrying on with the same technical direction that had been going on inside of Apple.

Apple didn't have a technical direction. That's why they needed a new OS.

Comment Re:My Nexus 4 does this too (Score 1) 51

Mine is failing at both the digitizer and the radio and the display is one of the ones that is fiddly to service. Digitizers are cheap, but unless I trip over a cheap repair service it's just going to lie around waiting for me to find something to use it for. It also only has 3.3v USB host which is stupid.

The life of a repo man is always intense.