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Comment: Previous attempts (Score 1) 1

by tepples (#49770823) Attached to: Hollywood films reimaged into 8bit video games

The Avengers had an official game on the Super NES and Game Gear, and Nice Code has produced a Titanic game for Famicom.

From the article: "The Cinefix channel says copyright is not an issue because the creations fall under the umbrella of 'parody' which is included in the 'fair use' clause of US copyright law." But how long until YouTube gets OCILLA takedown orders from Disney (Frozen, The Avengers, and Spirited Away) and Fox and Paramount (Titanic) anyway, on the basis that the studio disagrees with the fair use claim?

Comment: System-provided yet extensible? (Score 1) 78

No. Hence why I said that they can't have a third-party web engine. They have to use the system-provided WebKit.

I intended to ask whether "the system-provided WebKit" could be extended with additional application-provided behaviors for elements and attributes that "the system-provided WebKit" alone does not provide.

Comment: Re:Why do this in the first place? (Score 1) 78

What Apple doesn't allow is third-party web engines, but they allow alternate webkit-based browsers.

Are "alternate webkit-based browsers" capable of adding support for HTML5 elements and attributes that Apple chose to leave out of WebKit for iOS? Are they allowed to associate themselves with the http: and https: schemes? I didn't think so.

Comment: Re:NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (Score 1) 213

by tepples (#49768495) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

unless you fell for all the hype and purchased a shitty little touch enabled laptop... fuck touching the screen and getting fingerprints on it.

But are there 10" laptops that aren't touch-enabled, like the netbooks of 2008-2012? Or should I just buy an ASUS Transformer Book (a 10" tablet with a snap-on keyboard) and live with getting fingerprints all over it?

Comment: Debit card service fee avoidance (Score 1) 105

by tepples (#49767779) Attached to: Hacker Warns Starbucks of Security Flaw, Gets Accused of Fraud

Why would anyone use those? There's no discount.

Sometimes there is a discount. The local blood plasma collection center pays donors for their time on a debit card. The bank that issues this debit card charges a service fee for cash withdrawals at another bank's ATM, for bank account transfers smaller than $300, and for inactivity after so many days. So when I didn't feel like donating anymore for a while, to get my $190 balance out without having to pay a service fee, I used the debit card to buy $190 of gift cards at businesses I already frequent.

Comment: Re:This will get thrown out... (Score 1) 119

by tepples (#49765839) Attached to: Oculus Founder Hit With Lawsuit

"IP" is not any sort of legal construct.

Intellectual property is a category including copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, and right of publicity. It has meant that in the United States Code since 1996 when Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act became law.

Do you mean "patent"? Why don't you say "patent"?

Because a single product may be covered by interlocking or overlapping copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets that are licensed as a package.

Comment: Other "cloud" hosts exist now (Score 1) 48

Amazon has a monopoly on its ecommerce software and AWS

Amazon Marketplace, yes. AWS, not so much. AWS is just "cloud" in its original sense of rapid provisioning of server leases. True, Amazon pioneered the "cloud" category as it was trying to find a year-round use for server capacity that it uses for Amazon Marketplace during the American toy buying season every December. But there are plenty of other big scalable hosting providers by now, such as Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine.

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