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Comment: Re:not really (Score 1) 236

by gl4ss (#46779035) Attached to: SSD-HDD Price Gap Won't Go Away Anytime Soon

well, the thing is that hdd's keep getting faster and bigger too.

100 bucks buys you 3TB. for 300 bucks you can get 9TB. of course this is not "enterprise grade" but neither are such cheap ssds.

so the gap exists and will continue to exist - both go up in storage space but there's no reason to think why either one would stop growing in size. you can already get 4TB drives.

Comment: victorian clerks.. (Score 1, Interesting) 263

by gl4ss (#46778027) Attached to: Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk

had to move around.
they had no choice, really. they had to ferry around small slips of paper and cards.

they had a boss who sat behind a desk in a comfy chair though, smoking a cigar while his secretary ferried him scotch.

my reasoning is actually that all desktop work chairs just suck ass. a 10 dollar one piece plastic chair beats all of them - your ass doesn't sweat, you can lean on them, they don't roll out under you - they don't roll around their axis(this one is particularly annoying because WHO THE FUCK really needs a rotating chair?? that rotation and roller wheels are the worst fucking idea ever. I mea, who the fuck comes up with that idea and thinks it's a good choice for a worker who keeps constantly pushing on buttons on the desk and moving an object around the desk? ? fix problems for the 99% by removing the wheels, rotation and smelling cushion and let the hipsters have the stand up desks).

the ten dollar seats just get bad rap because they don't have an upmark of 1000% at the dealer. just 700%. they last a lot longer than usual office chairs too. and the constant redesigning of the offices causes companies to stock up on cheapest(still very expensive to buy but cheapest option) shitty chairs because hey who would use an old chair with a new desk. end result is that people start thinking that standing up all day is the way to go...

Comment: Re:attacked by a pillow (Score 2) 36

by gl4ss (#46777649) Attached to: The Squishy Future of Robotics

And the Earth could be sterilized by a gamma ray burst at any second. I don't think the article meant to imply that there is an absolutely zero level of risk associated with these robots.

oh really? what about the pillow analogy then?

though.. maybe they just mean malfunction mode as in "goes limb". a python dropping from the tree dead can hurt you pretty badly though too, soft or not.

Comment: Re:So other than those ten (Score 1) 33

by gl4ss (#46776995) Attached to: FBI Drone Deployment Timeline

If they use them in criminal investigations the usage eventually becomes part of the public record when entered into evidence.

so how are these ten cases then so fucking secret? and they don't need to enter the drone data into evidence if they don't use it as an evidence. it's obvious they want to keep the drone use as a secret ace card in their book. only problem is that law enforcement isn't supposed to have budget or permission for such cards...

Comment: Re:Yeah, probably a VGA screen (Score 1) 232

by gl4ss (#46776309) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago

firing the entire team and canceling this product and production of 770(with linux) probably were connected(770 was out only short few years after this. and by the way all the guys connected to 770 r&d early on for some friggin reason thought that all the phones would be running it's OS by 2007, completely failing to understand how s60 phones managed to be cheap).

because hey, it's Nokia. such politics were always the name of the game after 2000. it wasn't about which teams were best at producing code, ui's or whatever. it was just politics. and as a consequence they had thousands of developers but still politics had made it so that key developers were all subcontractors(for pumping money to people whos companies those subcons worked for. mind you, the actual workers weren't getting the fat slices)

Comment: Re:Cameras embedded in contact lenses (Score 2) 140

by gl4ss (#46767507) Attached to: Bill Gates Patents Detecting, Responding To "Glassholes"

Yes. When you patent stuff, you have to disclose the way it works.

no you don't.

proof: this patent. go read it and then try claiming again that it discloses how it actually technically would work.

because it fucking doesn't. it just mentions that it would detect them. heck, if you were to put it in a scifi book you would have to be more precise about it or get scorned...

Comment: bullshit patent (Score 5, Interesting) 140

by gl4ss (#46767479) Attached to: Bill Gates Patents Detecting, Responding To "Glassholes"

the patent is bullshit. it doesn't provide the magical means of how to technically decide that something is a viewer or not and the other stuff is obvious. it doesn't take a genius to come up with that hey it would be nice to detect if someone is viewing while you input your pin. but it would take a genius to sit in the box24 /7 to figure out if there was a camera somewhere or not!

"Intruder analysis module scans the input for viewers, and classifies them as either intruders or safe viewers. Intruder analysis module also scans the input for cameras or camera-equipped devices (e.g., SLR cameras, camera-equipped cellular phones, point-and-shoot cameras, building-mounted camera systems, etc.). Intruder analysis module may classify an object as a viewer or camera using any number of detection algorithms. For example, intruder analysis module may apply motion detection algorithms on the sensor information, and may classify any moving object as a viewer"

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