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Comment Re: Just goes to show you UNIX SUX (Score 1) 44 44

"I've never understood why DNS servers bother with zone transfers. These days, it would take an average admin three minutes to toss together something involving a cron job, rsync, and ssh"

So if you are an ISP providing a secondary DNS service, you're happy to create accounts with ssh/rsync access for 10 000 customers who all have more lax security than you do?

Talk about attack surface ... (even with forced command etc.).

That said, assuning the complexity isn't in serving thr afxr requests, I see no reason why the function to retrieve the zone needs to be inside the daemon listening on port 53. Of course it would need to trigger transfers based on notifies, but that could be done quite easily (a simple file or a named socket).

Comment Cherthoff is a goddamned criminal. (Score 2) 61 61

Besides perjuring himself in testimony to the congress, he's responsible for billions of counts of felony wiretaps against innocent people. That motherfucker belongs behind bars, not shooting his mouth off about how we should all make it easier for fascist scumbags to wipe their asses with the constitution.


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