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Comment: Hawking (Score 3, Insightful) 208

by phorm (#49147979) Attached to: Surgeon: First Human Head Transplant May Be Just Two Years Away

I recently read an article that was essentially "how could Steven Hawking have kids", and somebody with a similar condition basically stated that while you lose motor functions elsewhere, that particular part of the anatomy tends to work as it's part of the Parasympathetic nervous system

Comment: Air conditioning (Score 1) 364

by phorm (#49130243) Attached to: The Groups Behind Making Distributed Solar Power Harder To Adopt

I seems to me that a good "break even" point for solar would be air-conditioning/cooling. The need for cooling is directly comparable to the heat of the day,which is fairly closely tied to sunlight. AC is also a pretty big source of grid drain and/or larger power bills in the summer months.

If one could make an efficient solar AC system that would fit on most homes, that would be a fairly saleable product IMHO.

Comment: Re:But... (Score 1) 253

by phorm (#49129035) Attached to: The Case Against E-readers -- Why Digital Natives Prefer Reading On Paper

Indeed. I am a few friends all are what would likely be considered voracious readers. I believe I got my kindle touch about 2.5 years ago, and I've got about 250 ebook purchases in my library now. I also still buy physical books, but generally that's for certain authors/series I've been following/collecting, and it's vastly outnumbered by my digital library in terms of purchase volume.

Why do I like the eReader
* It's just as easy on the eyes as a book. Easier in some cases as font-size is adjustable
* If I finish a book, and there's another in the series, I can just grab it
* Holidays, etc... it's *MUCH* easier to pack an eReader than a half dozen paperbacks
* Most eBooks are priced more reasonably than print, with the exceptions of some major authors
* With the above, I've found a ton of AMAZING authors
* Suggestions based on my reading: which led me to many of the above

Features I wish my eReader had
* Solar charger
* Waterproof
* Backlight tinted for night viewing (non-sleep-interrupting, I don't have a backlight at all on my model though)
* Ability to follow a series. Possibly an author. I'm not sure if I'm just not finding this feature or if Amazon is really missing the ball here, but it seems it would be an extremely convenient feature to get notified of new releases and beneficial to them from a sales perspectivel

I can't comment on other readers because I don't have one. The may have or lack some of the features of mine.

Comment: Re: Drop your weapon... (Score 1) 318

I do agree that whomever gave the kid a "toy" gun without the red tip shares blame in this... it's there for a reason (also wondering if there are laws in regards to this, but I haven't heard whether the toy was altered or came without the red tip).

However, having watched the video, the reaction is pretty crazy. Basically the police car zips into the park, the cop jumps out and almost immediately opens fire. It was EXTREMELY aggressive. No time to assess the scene, or for the kid to drop the weapon, stand down, whatever. They might as well have just planted a sniper on the roof and shot the kid from there, for all the warning he had.

Comment: Noses (Score 1) 100

by phorm (#49119353) Attached to: Police Use DNA To Generate a Suspect's Face

Yeah, just looking at the "real" vs "generated" photos.
Noses don't really match up on most of them, nor do eyebrows. The chin is sorta close but without any of the other defining facial characteristics (age lines etc) it's pretty ambiguous. Also, the generated photos have cut out most of the upper-jawbone area so one can't even compare that.

IMHO they seem to be able to give you a decent approximation of the skin tone - minus blemishes - but not much other than that. I'd think that these might actually be counter-productive as you're going to get lots of people that match in a generic way, but the actual match is going to be different enough that people would say "nah, the nose and eyebrows don't match up" or whatever.

Comment: Re:Which Bulldozer? (Score 1) 421

by phorm (#49111771) Attached to: What If We Lost the Sky?

You'd be limited where you can plant it. To really grow, I believe bamboo requires a fair bit of water (although it seems to stay alive for a long time without much, it doesn't grow much), and it does NOT like the cold.

So you'd need someplace that's hot all year with plenty of fresh water. Not the easiest thing to come by these days.

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