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Comment Ads (Score 1) 16

Yeah, I would say the first thing they should drop it on is ADS. Most of the malware and other shit I've seen lately seems to be on shitty ads lurking in legit pages (e.g. you're on the download page for X but the ad has a download link which looks like the real one, but which actually installs Y)

Comment Ads on slashdot (Score 0) 307

Honestly, many of the ads on Slashdot are probably the most relevant to my interests of any. While other sites are trying to sell me "one cool trick", dick enlargements, or products entirely not for the age/gender/etc that applies to me, at least slash is showing cool programming or electronics stuff.

The (sometimes autoplay) video ads are crap, though.

Comment Re:Muslims VS Christians (Score 1) 441

Yeah. I have a buddy who's Iranian (albeit non-muslim). He's said that the government there can do some pretty horrible things to you if you're a non-muslim and get away with it. However he also stated that most of the citizens are good people, and tow the line religion-wise so as not to end up on the wrong side of the hardliners. I see a similar situation in most countries. Unless we put our heads in the sand and pretend that abuse by "religious" groups, police brutality/abuse, racial abuse etc don't happen in North America, then can we really pretend that we're much better. Yes, maybe the hardliners are worse (most Christians, no matter how awful, generally aren't chopping off people's heads in the name of God anymore) but when it comes down to it the "system" gets away with what it does because most people are trying to avoid their own entanglements with it...

Comment Muslims VS Christians (Score 4, Insightful) 441

And that sort of shit is really what burns my ass (and I`m not Muslim). Yes, some Muslims did stupid, terrible shit. In more recent ``Christian`` history, we have Kim Davis getting a standing ovation to fucking eye of the tiger after being jailed for multiple instances of contempt because she refused to marry gays like her fucking job says to (apparently it`s against her religion, while her 4 marriages and infidelity weren`t somehow)

And we conveniently forget that in Iran, the major reaction to 9-11 was not celebration but actually this, because they recognize that - regardless or religion - all lives are valuable and a terrible thing had happened. Despite that, some people still want to put Iran in the same camp as ISIS (guess who was fighting ISIS before the rest of us got involved), and major outlets like the New York Times had articles that advocate an unprovoked bombing of Iran as a better alternative than a peaceful settlement.

I`ve met some pretty terrible Muslims in my life. For the most part they were holier-than-thou assholes that thought that praying twice a day made them ``good people`` in spite of their conduct. I see the exact same shit from certain members of Christian churches, as well as Jews, etc. There will always be bad people out there, and there are plenty who would use their so-called religion or beliefs to pretend they are good whilst actually doing evil.

Comment Re:Won't someone think of hurting the children?? (Score 1) 261

We didn't have snapchat (or much in the way of internet) at that age. We did have adult magazines "borrowed" from our parents drawers, which we shared with others of our age. I'm pretty sure these days they could hit you with some charge of corrupting a minor for sharing said material.

Comment Eat your cake and have it too (Score 1) 261

Simply enough:

a) At 14 he's a child enough that he shouldn't be facing (long-term life-damaging) adult consequences for his actions
b) At 14 he's adult enough to face such consequences. However then he's an adult and therefore the pictures shouldn't be considered underage.

Essentially, they're considering him under-age for the purpose of posting pictures, but of-age for the purpose of being charged/registered. What a crock.

Comment Random acts of kindness (Score 1) 842

I looked at what one could do when winning the various lotteries. Over $50m, and even if you're only making 1% interest on the principal, you're still raking in $500k+/year (pre-tax). Given a diversified and fairly low-moderate risk portfolio, I'd imagine that 1% isn't a particularly high number to aim for, so let's say 2%, or roughly a million a year (in INTEREST, never touching the principal)

That still gives me a fair bit of cash to both enjoy myself personally and do fun stuff for others. Maybe I'd like to hit the fancy hotels or restaurants I haven't tried before, but I'm probably still going to enjoy a milkshake or fries and gravy at a late-night Denny's. There's still going to be stressed out waitresses or young people who are working and trying hard to get ahead. With that kind of income, it's not going to even make me flinch to drop a tip here and there that could be potentially life-changing for something at that stage of life and income. Drop some dough and pay for somebody's tuition, whatever.

Or wander around and find some people who lost a job and/or are about to lose their house, car, whatever. Drop some cash and pay off their debts. Clear things out. Stuff like that could be a lot of fun.

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