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Comment A "higher being" (Score 1) 728

Because when you claim to work for a "higher being" then you still get to claim some of the glory, while shifting the blame to "$deity works in mysterious ways" or "it is $deity's will". People will do a lot of terrible things in the name of a higher power that they might not for mere mortals, even though that where the actual message is coming from.

Look at all the idiots that supported miss "I've been divorced 3 times and cheated but marrying gays is against God's will"

Comment Re:NUKEM!! NUKEM NOW!! (Score 1) 728

Does anyone win when there's little left but a smoking hole in the ground? Even then there will probably be some people left over, and they're probably going to be feeling very angry towards your country. Bombing a hospital with civilians certainly didn't seem to win any points, and it's not like that's the only incident of collateral damage. Angry and hatred seem to a good foundation for recruiters of future terrorists. Hell now we have westerners flying off to join them...

Of course I'm not sure that my solution would be much better. When we catch the bastards, start sending them back minus a few important bits. It's not like they can respond more brutally than they already do. If they don't fear death, maybe we need to find something they do fear.

Comment Game chat (Score 5, Interesting) 202

Actually, game-chat would probably be a good (for them) way to hide certain types of planning. I'm not saying it's true, but for a modern shooter or perhaps FPS, they could simply substitute "game" targets for real-life ones, and otherwise the conversation might sound much you would hear in some games.

OK, so sneak your infiltrator into the enemy Science Centre. There will be about 3 guards in positions X, Y, and Z. Group B will take them out, then you delivery the package by 14:00. Meanwhile group C enter the mass relay by 13:50, and take out all present. Group A will attempt to take out enemy power infrastructure and cause confusion at 13:30.

Maybe some of it would sound like weird BS, but would *you* suspect that some of the weird guys in CoD were actually plotting nefarious things in real life? Some of the shit that trolls said might be a good cover too, as most sane people either mute them or just ignore it. As a mid-level gamer I'm not sure I could tell the difference between a real-life nutball and the online nutball variety.

Comment Lack of management (Score 1) 93

And in a lot of places, there's a lack of effective management because they've essentially been neutered, and are afraid to crack down on bad employees without a lot of history and an airtight place. This leads to places that end up with periodic "purges" because - short of getting caught pissing in the coffee pot - management is afraid to deal with employees f*** ups in the short term.

Unions sometimes exaggerate the problem (they do fix other issues) because their mandate has them defending some fairly vile/useless people because "everyone is equal". This screws other employees over doubly because
a) The shitty employee's lack of worth ethic and/or poor mannerisms negatively effect co-workers
b) The union is busy defending said shitty employee at the cost of time that could be dedicated to helping good employees

And yes, I've been in union leadership. Some people see unions as a big nebulous body but the fact is they're made up of people, and often have finite resources (manpower+funds) to deal with issues. Bad employees tie up those resources.

Comment Problem specific to certain areas? (Score 2) 289

When it comes down to the "women in tech" (not just coders) issue, I wonder if perhaps it's also partially constrained by area or market. Where I work, yes we do have somewhat more men in a sysadmin type role. However - in this and many of my previous jobs - female presence in management (and more specifically management of technical types) is actually fairly strong.

I actually had a short discussion with a female co-worker (also in IT, and she kicks ass) regarding the choice of the current Canadian government to deliberately fill cabinet to be "gender balanced". This is despite there being more male MP's etc. Basically, it's a kick in the head to the women who *DO* work hard and get their roles based on ability. I'm not saying that women should put up with sexism, unwanted advances, harassment, etc in the workplace, but whether you dimple or you dangle in the end it should be able ability and skills.

Comment Ads (Score 1) 16

Yeah, I would say the first thing they should drop it on is ADS. Most of the malware and other shit I've seen lately seems to be on shitty ads lurking in legit pages (e.g. you're on the download page for X but the ad has a download link which looks like the real one, but which actually installs Y)

Comment Ads on slashdot (Score 0) 307

Honestly, many of the ads on Slashdot are probably the most relevant to my interests of any. While other sites are trying to sell me "one cool trick", dick enlargements, or products entirely not for the age/gender/etc that applies to me, at least slash is showing cool programming or electronics stuff.

The (sometimes autoplay) video ads are crap, though.

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