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Comment: Re:When will they accept Windows 8 as a failure? (Score 3, Informative) 103

by phntm (#43077315) Attached to: Microsoft Azure Failure: SSL Certificates Were Updated... Sort Of

the adoption rates for students who get windows 8 for free is non existant at least by the anecdotal evidence in my faculty (computer science).
even during exam season (when you suddenly get the urge to clean the room, re-check the fridge or format your laptop).
you can piss on my face but don't tell me it's raining.

Comment: Re:Fiber in Québec city (Score 1) 241

by phntm (#41297249) Attached to: 90 Percent of Eligible Kansas City Neighborhoods Sign Up For Google Fiber

in israel we get adsl and cable at 100mbit download (10 up) for roughly 45$
sure the latency isn't great but the coax/phone line is not the blame, they switch their traffic to datacenters on the other side of the country and the roundtrip takes about 20ms toll.
no setup needed in most cases, just a new modem.

Comment: Outlook Horror Story (Score 1) 434

by phntm (#37662448) Attached to: Putting Emails In Folders Is a Waste of Time, Says IBM Study

I was working on a helpdesk team, and we had a user with her outlook pst file getting full...
she wasn't on desk so we just did the most natural thing: delete recycle bin, problem solved. right?
apparently her brilliant organizational system revolved around: shit i need - press delete - like gmail's archive only with the delete key.
well, good for you - next time - either learn to clean your own shit or make a system that makes sense to others who try to help.

Comment: i think it's a good idea (Score 5, Interesting) 124

by phntm (#35253098) Attached to: Air Force Wants Hundreds of Fake Online Identities

pilots get shot down and forced to eject over hostile territories, it's a very good idea to provide them with plausible fake identities which include a rich plausible background.
this can save lives and help our solders buy enough time to get rescued.
also, if a spook wants to contact, let's say, the nsa or the cia from a hostile territory, i doubt he'll go over the phone.
plus in many places encryption is a sign of wrongdoing, so using facebook and even slashdot commentary might be a good way to communicate home.
dear mods, next time you see a troll, it's just might be a coded message from a secret agent.

Comment: Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 475

by phntm (#35194490) Attached to: Why Nokia Is Toast

well maybe now that all of qt's goals are down the crapper, they'll have time to fix my year old semi-important bugs
it's amazing a 10 line patch is still excluded from the source.
all i want is for an sslserver (sslsocket in server mode) to be able to include intermediate certificates.
please trolls, now that you don't need to do useless crap for symbian and meego, at least find some time to help out the stranded desktop users.

btw there's an interesting comment on
"Tom Turbo> What about Qt? Does Intel support it for its MeeGo plans?"
"gunjan-rawal (intel)> @ Tom Turbo Intel remains committed to MeeGo development. Re: Qt: Stay tuned for more details."

Comment: Re:got spyware? (Score 1) 761

by phntm (#33885330) Attached to: Careful What You Post, the FBI Has More of These

Law Enforcement in general are not just incredibly great marksmen. Statistically, an armed citizen is far more likely to hit the target and stop the threat.

Don't take that to mean the GP isn't a moron for his post, however. I'm just pointing out that a badge doesn't make you a good shot.

The annual death rate among people who know the statistic is one in six.

Comment: Re:Not to side with Microsoft, but... (Score 1) 246

by phntm (#32843452) Attached to: Microsoft Spurned Researchers Release 0-Day

you should really check this article out:
microsoft launched a personal attack on a researcher who disclosed the bug after microsoft failed to agree to fix it within 60 days. now, i'm sure they'll fix it in under a month.
there are a LOT of CRITICAL bugs unpatched in the os and microsoft takes their sweet time (8 month to 8 years) to fix them. this is not cool since if one researcher managed to find it it's presumable hackers managed to get their hands on it too.
so microsoft is only helping hackers, and full disclosure is really protecting against them.

Nothing happens.