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Comment: Mass Effect (Score 1) 477

by Shky (#21768658) Attached to: What Is Your Game of the Year?
I've played it through twice now, and I'm gunning to give it another go. It's overtaken The Curse of Monkey Island as my favorite video game. The storytelling is truly epic (as overused as that word may be), and, like was mentioned, the ending is perfect. The feeling of overwhelming heroism that comes over you as the credits roll is unmatched.

+ - Tekzilla: Patrick Norton's New Show Gets Reviewed->

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Joel writes: "Promised to be new and BIG, Patrick Norton and Jessica Corbin's new show actually falls pretty short of the mark set for it. Rumored to be "The Screen Savers 2.0" it actually lacks any of the enthusiasm and humor of TSS. reviews the first episode, and tries to figure out how this bland and typical tech show became so hyped."
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