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Comment: Punt? (Score 1) 382

by philthedrill (#47471477) Attached to: White House Punts On Petition To Allow Tesla Direct Sales

There's a legal issue here: the executive can't just wave state law aside. But they could suggest Congress write new laws instead of just noting that Congress would need to take action.

What difference would it make if the WH suggested this to Congress or not? The House isn't going to do anything. Why is it the WH that's punting on this issue?

Comment: Silent MMS dropping is a deal breaker (Score 1) 166

by philthedrill (#46491019) Attached to: Goodbye, Google Voice
One thing the article nailed:
"MMS messages not only don't come through, there's no notice that someone tried to send something."

Most users don't know the difference between SMS and MMS (and why should they?), so it requires explaining to other people why you only get some texts and not others.

I do like the spam number blocking feature, though, and I'm afraid that once I port it over to a real phone I'll get more telemarketer calls than useful ones.

Comment: Re:They don't seem to be a typical troll (Score 1) 286

by philthedrill (#31621962) Attached to: Beware the King of the Patent Trolls
Yeah, you beat me to this. No one will probably read this, but... If Superfreakonomics is even remotely objective on this topic, then it seems like IV is an engineer's dream. You get to build cool things and find solutions to big problems (reducing hurricane strength, climate change, yadda yadda), and they make money through patent licensing. But that's feeling I came away with after reading the book, and I'm giving the authors the benefit of the doubt.

Comment: Re:SSE128 means... (Score 1) 190

by philthedrill (#17963412) Attached to: AMD's Showcases Quad-Core Barcelona CPU
At least with the general purpose registers, AMD wanted to go to 32, but couldn't do it without changing the instruction set. I'd assume the same thing applies to the SSE registers.

How so? Unless I'm missing something here, I think the only cost is in the size of the register file and rename register set, but nothing ISA-related.

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