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Comment Re:Cash, thanks. (Score 1) 101

But the merchants eat it. If you use a debit card for a $100 purchase they eat 2-3%. If you use a credit card for the same purchase, they might eat 3-4% and if you use a "rewards" credit card, the merchant must eat 4-6% of the transaction. Maybe their retail markup was only %12 on that $100 item, and now instead of making $12, they only made $6 because you got "rewards".

The big box stores can negotiate lower rates, so use your rewards card there, or at a merchant you don't care about, but if you can, pay with cash (or at most, debit) at the mom & pop stores.

Comment Re:Just a question (Score 2) 389

So they're not really any different than European or any other settlers who came later.

Except they didn't have new technology or new diseases, nor did they emigrate in masses faster than ever before.

Yup, some people slowly walking into another area over a land bridge was exactly the same as European settlement into North America.

Comment Focus on his current skills (Score 3, Insightful) 87

He seems to have accounting skills and a business plan to develop. Focus on those skills -- leave development decisions to the developers.

Take time to create some wire frame (pen on paper) mockups of workflows and business rules. Find similar layouts and "look & feel" from existing sites that he can give as examples to the dev team.

If he's worried the developers won't understand his requirements and he's wasting money, hire you (the friend) to interface with them. Build mock-ups as iteratively as possible without connecting any back-end logic so he is "comfortable" with the UX before spending time on the back-end.

If he already had web skills, he'd just implement the idea himself; hiring others is when you know you cannot do everything yourself. Hire fewer, but better, people. Good luck.

Comment Re:PSA: (Score 0) 231

The domain is registered with GoDaddy and is hosted on GoDaddy's nameservers (ns*.domaincontrol.com). Complain to them and they'll take it down, just like they do with legitimate sites people complain about. Their quick takedown process might work in our favor this time...

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