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Comment: Re:You don't need to go that far (Score 1) 198

by psyclone (#46178045) Attached to: First New Generic Top Level Domains Opening

APK: the application sounds like it does a great job of fetching the data, but it seems much more useful to stick that data inside a DNS proxy or recursive resolver. Even if the resources required to run it are prohibitive for a crappy wifi router, it could be run on a box on the local network, and the crappy router uses it as its DNS resolver.

Then when I manage my home network of varying devices (tablets, phones, mixed OS laptops & desktops, even visitors) they will all get the benefit of DNS-level filtering.

I would manage a corporate network in a similar way. During DHCP when they get some local DNS resolvers, or hard-coded, the 1-3 local resolvers do all the DNS filtering for the entire network. A unified web UI on the master DNS resolver could micro-manage the rules if necessary (unblock something, add a manual block, local dns resolution, etc).

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