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Comment Re:NVS (Score 1) 197

I would agree with this - it's much easier for a lazy admin like me to manage only a few machines that do a lot, vs a lot of little machines that do only one thing. Power requirements are probably lower, even with a few beefy boxes with high-watt PSUs to run 32 displays vs many small machines, each needing their own independent power - especially AC -> DC converted.

You might use separate Xorg instances each launching a browser to a given URL for that screen, but how cool would it be for a large xinerama desktop across 32 monitors, just to play with? Attach 2+ mice/kybd (one for each NOC workstation) to those machines and seamlessly move your mouse/input between each, in case you need to interact with them. Xorg 1.7+ now supports this!

Comment Re:and so therefore? (Score 1) 428

Did the government force me to do it? No

But a scary health intervention did encourage you to change. And how much did that hospitalization cost the rest of us insurance and tax payers? When you could have been eating more healthy all along -- encouraged by education and incentives by paying more for unhealthy food and less for healthy food.

Comment Re:Compare (Score 1) 169

Exactly. If this device is rootable (it's not because it's Amazon), then it'd be an awesome replacement for some rPi activities.

For example, a $50 tablet would be a great home thermostat controller that can show the weather forecast and interface with whatever HVAC system you have.

Comment Martian refinery? (Score 1) 151

If you can extract resources from the moon to create fuel, perhaps you can do the same on Mars? Then the lunar refinery only needs to produce enough fuel to get to Mars, and the martian refinery can produce the return trip fuel.

Comment Re:Tablets == insomnia (Score 3, Insightful) 200

Try Twilight on Android - it will dim the screen and tint it red to help alleviate circadian rhythm interruption caused by full spectrum (particularly high end like blue and violet) light.

The best solution is "warm" light (dimmed incandescent or special LED but not CFL or white LED) and dead trees for before bed reading.

Comment Re:Cash, thanks. (Score 1) 101

But the merchants eat it. If you use a debit card for a $100 purchase they eat 2-3%. If you use a credit card for the same purchase, they might eat 3-4% and if you use a "rewards" credit card, the merchant must eat 4-6% of the transaction. Maybe their retail markup was only %12 on that $100 item, and now instead of making $12, they only made $6 because you got "rewards".

The big box stores can negotiate lower rates, so use your rewards card there, or at a merchant you don't care about, but if you can, pay with cash (or at most, debit) at the mom & pop stores.

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