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Comment: A *single* photon? (Score 1) 347

by volpe (#47316131) Attached to: Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

Can a single photon turn into an electron/positron pair? I didn't think this was possible because a photon has no rest frame, whereas an e-/p+ pair always would. Thus, in the inertial frame in which the pair has no momentum (the "center of momentum" frame), the photon would still have momentum. Thus, momentum would not be conserved. You need two photons moving in different directions for the pair of photons to have a center-of-momentum frame in which their momenta cancel each other out.

Comment: Re:Movie (Score 1) 295

by chrysrobyn (#45877377) Attached to: CES: Laser Headlights Edge Closer To Real-World Highways

First OEM cars DONT BLIND PEOPLE. It's the dipshits that own hondas and pickup trucks that do aftermarket HID retrofits from ebay that blind people. REal stuff doesnt do that.

Consider for a moment a road that's not perfectly straight and flat. Those OEM HID lights that are so bright and so focused on the road ahead of the car as if it were on a freeway with no slope or turn are now going to be pointing in other places. I regularly drive on back roads of New York to and from work, and there's a few places where I can tell the fancy cars because of the lights that are way too bright until I get on the same level or a straight section.

Yes, after market HID installs are a problem, but they're easy to pick out. OEM HID have different problems, and denying it underscores your tight focus on a limited terrain.

Comment: Re:Liberal tears make the best lube (Score 2) 165

by Mononoke (#45848213) Attached to: Congressman Accepts BitCoin For His US Senate Run
Yup. I'm on his mailing list. I didn't win the AR-15 he allegedly gave away, but the emails are often humorous:

Dear patriot,
Well, I did it again.
Every gun grabber called my office yesterday screaming and crying because I posted this to our website.
Yes, I find liberal tears to be the best gun cleaner.
Now that's funny.
But you know what would really have gun grabbers dabbing their eyes with their petticoats?
If I were to run this campaign for U.S. Senate.
So let's give them something to cry about.
Today is the last day to accept donations for this period, so I need you to act NOW...

Comment: Re:Um.... (Score 1) 562

by volpe (#45740191) Attached to: Police Pull Over More Drivers For DNA Tests

I'm glad my beloved grandfather and great uncles are gone, they fought against fascism in WWII and this kind of gestapo shit would disgust the hell out of them. I could probably wrap his body in some copper wire and run my entire neighborhood from all the revolutions he's turning in his grave.

I wish I had a chance to know your beloved grandfather and great uncles. You know, back when they were walking magnets.

Comment: Re:They are still damn overpriced (Score 1) 241

by chrysrobyn (#45268283) Attached to: Apple 27-inch iMac With Intel's Haswell Inside Tested

Let's walk through building a similarly speced Hackintosh and set aside the build quality and all-in-one arguments for the moment.

(Massively cribbed from TonyMacx86.

Let's get as 3.2 GHz i5 for $200 (Core i5-4570).

We need a motherboard to plug it into. A Gigabyte for $142 will get us WiFi and some nice features (GA-Z87N).

8 gigs of RAM for $85 seems reasonable and compares to the target too. (CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9)

A Bitfenix Prodigy is a nice case for $90. Here, you may be able to go cheaper, but you can certainly go more expensive. (BFC-PRO-300-WWXKW-RP)

A Corsair 500W power supply for $55 is pretty reasonable.

Although I'd prefer an SSD, we're comparing to a system with a 7200 RPM spinner. A Seagate Barracuda for $79 seems appropriate. (ST31000524AS)

I'm having trouble matching the GeForce 755M with my Wikipedia-Fu. A modest video card with twice the memory sets us back $100 (ASUS GT640). Hopefully the performance is similar, but I'm open to suggestions.

The barebones system is $751.

You can get a 27" IPS display from Monoprice, which Anandtech said badly needed calibration to be taken seriously ( for $390.

You can get a decent keyboard for $50, and a decent mouse for $50 (here, you can beat both by downgrading, but I use a trackball that's closer to $100).

The reference system excludes an optical drive, so we won't needlessly add one to compare, but includes an SDXC slot, whatever that is. Assembling all those spare parts above gets me to $1241, and excludes software (which is famously "free" now, but really is only free with the purchase of a licensed computer), but I can save $460 over the reference system.

I cheaped out on the screen, but for another $100, I could get a Dell that's got decent factor calibration. I don't have speakers -- $50 may be a good budget for what's in the iMac, I don't have a camera, but a Logitec C920 for $75 seems equivalent. Adding those back in gets me closer to $235 under the reference system.

My hand-built system isn't an all-in-one, which is a value to some. My hand-built system may not be as quiet, which is worth a premium too (I used higher-power desktop components instead of the laptop equivalents in the iMac), and I may use more electricity, increasing the TCO by as much as $0.05-$0.10 per day (wild guess) which adds up over a few years. All of this, the OS, iLife and iWork licenses plus the support of being able to walk into an Apple store is where the $235 goes toward. My iMac is 5.5 years old. I've replaced the hard drive 4 times (one died out of warranty, the replacement was slower than hell but free, replaced that with a faster spinner, replaced that with an SSD), and the number of Torx screws necessary to get to them is significant, but does not make it unserviceable. The memory in my wife's (same age) died at 5 years old, and that was a $40 replacement that took 5 minutes.

It is unfair to say that this is a $12 burger selling for $100 (when I go to the local restaraunt, I pay $9-$10 for a burger, and it comes with fries... Are you overpaying for your hamburger?).

If money can't buy happiness, I guess you'll just have to rent it.