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Comment: Re:Whatabout we demand equal time of our views ins (Score 1) 667

by pfleming (#46557611) Attached to: Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

personally I want to see taxes get slashed accross the board and spending at a federal level cut by a drastic number as well. Let the people and states keep their money

You do realize that states that think this way tend to take more from the federal government than they send.

Comment: Re:ODF (Score 1) 275

by pfleming (#45682205) Attached to: Munich Open Source Switch 'Completed Successfully'

You don't always have a choice. If a document is required and specified to be uploaded in a Microsoft format (and generally this is the case because only geeks believe there's still a fight regarding which format to use, even though the world's decided on doc/docx years ago and fucking MOVED ON), you have to submit in said format.

At some point people have to understand that the world doesn't revolve around them. Sometimes they need to just use what other people use to promote maximum communication. It doesn't matter what the ideal is - it matters what the practicality is. Otherwise you're just manufacturing stress and effort when there doesn't need to be any.

The world decided that IE was the only browser that mattered years ago, too. Times change.

Comment: Re:Outbreak, not "plague"; dont be sensationalist. (Score 1) 668

by pfleming (#44353167) Attached to: Fifteen Years After Autism Panic, a Plague of Measles Erupts

Not exactly true; there are other factors. Our son was born very premature, 2 lbs 12 oz. You could hold him in one hand. (He is a big strapping 13 year old now) They are finding that there is a higher rate of autism in preemies compared to normal births. 'Decades' ago, there is a good chance he would not have survived, thus there is a higher incident of autism simply because preemies are surviving instead of dying.

Thank you for taking the time to point this out. I don't think this is properly taken into consideration.

Comment: Re:Errors in the Article (Score 2) 223

by pfleming (#37190796) Attached to: Interview With 'Idiot' Behind Key Software Patent

Furthermore, the reality is that litigated patents are already reviewed by a panel of experts: the expert witnesses called by the parties.

Which is one of the problems with patents per TA, patents are not reviewed prior to rubber stamping them which leads to patent trolling and settling for those who cannot afford to defend themselves against bogus violations claims. Proper review coming in the door would reduce the problems.

Comment: Re:Performance (Score 1) 450

by pfleming (#34697874) Attached to: Thin Client, Or Fat Client? That Is the Question
My company uses thin clients exclusively in the office. The users have their same desktop no matter where they log in from. Dead workstations are simply replaced with a similar machine, no need to reconfigure and install software. And I can provide support remotely over 80% of the time. Our biggest problems are that software companies don't even think about providing support to this environment. The typical support script is, "we don't provide support for your setup" and convincing script support monkeys that we don't actually log into the server at the server (and doing so requires moving cables and monitors which a KVM would fix, but so far I don't have one...)

Comment: Re:Was it a cause of his legal trouble? (Score 1) 691

by pfleming (#31234358) Attached to: Our Low-Tech Tax Code

"The amount taken from your paycheck has absolutely no effect on the total you have to pay for the year."

And that's the problem - if they're going to just TAKE it from me without permission - just take out what I owe, and LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.

Thankfully, I've been able to sustain myself on less than 8,000 a year (below poverty,) so I don't have to file, and if I filed now for back taxes, they'd likely owe me tons of money.

Probably not. You might think you are smart by doing this, but really $8k per year? How much have you lost in standard of living by hiding out in the Ozarks? Also: "tons of money". Any "tons of money" refund claims would likely be denied due to the fact that you have not timely filed your returns.
You know, I work with people who don't want the government in their lives. Funny thing is my main job is a government job. So the government is already in their lives. One guy takes time off so he can get his full amount of Social Security (read government money) and pension from his previous government job. You sound a lot like that guy.

Comment: Re:Sure they can claim it (Score 1) 399

by pfleming (#31206872) Attached to: IOC Claims Olympian Lindsey Vonn's Name As Intellectual Property

The appropriate charge would be capital contempt of court, with expedited sentencing and a fast tracked execution. Firing squad is a little hard to justify in the US, but maybe if the bailiff shouted "he's coming right for us!" before shooting they could get around the details.

The creators of South Park need your address so they can send their C&D letter for misappropriation of their Intelletcual Property, specifically the phrase, "he's coming right for us!". This phrase is only to be used by characters on the show to justify blowing the crap out of innocent rabbits and deer with fully automated firearms.

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