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Comment Dozen years ago I posted here "TV everwhere" (Score 1) 210

This was before smartphones, youtube, mandatory HDTV broadcast TV and G3. Icould see hints in video podcasts and plasma wall screens. Now that we have video screens everywhere ranging from watches to jumbotrons, the hardware dream has been fully realised. Content distribution still has to catch up. Cable monopoly bundles still dominate. But that is fading.

Comment In Asia, more male college degrees are engineers (Score 2) 473

There are a number of reasons for this: (1) family expectations of males to go into STEM, (2) STEM is more prestigious in Asia than it is in America or Europe and (3) colleges fold near-STEM majors into STEM, e.g. an accountant here might be called some sort of engineer in Asia. I've notice this in all parts of Asia- China, India, Syria, etc. A prime example of this that China's last three presidents have engineering degrees. Only two of the 45 US presidents had engineering degrees (Hoover, Carter).

So my point is that if a lot of educated mideast males are engineers, it is more likely the radicals will be engineers too. I see nothing intrinsic in an engineering degree that would radicalize.

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