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Comment: some successes with this in the 1970s (Score 2) 29 29

China predicted a couple of significant quakes supposedly based on animal observations in the ealry 1970s. Then they missed the largest Chinese quake in decades in Tianjin, near Beijing, in 1976. Strange animal behavior has part of Chinese peasant folklore for millennia. Various US groups tried to replicate this methodology since the 1970s without much success. A geologist in San Jose counted lost pet ads and claimed some success. But his prediction windows were so wide they were not statistically significant. Perhaps 21st century social media could help gather observations.

Comment: 1983 movie Brainstorm similar theme (Score 1) 143 143
It was about full brain recording and playback, kind of a super VR that Mark Zuckerberg talked about this week. (plot of many scifi stories)
In the movie someone dies during a recording session. Then it becomes a tug of war for the recording between police who are investigating a suspicious death and scientists who want to see if there is life after death.
Plus there is an ironic twist that the lead actress dies of a drowning "accident" during the filming. But some people dont believe it was accident and the debate resurfaces periodically. The lead actress is Natalie Wood, who played the little girl in Miracle on 34th Street and Maria in West Side Story.

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