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Comment: urinalysis used in eastern medicine (Score 1) 97

by peter303 (#49225215) Attached to: Dog Sniffs Out Cancer In Human Urine
The one I heard most is Tibetan medicine - inspection and smell or samples. Their partitioning of disease is different too, so its not exactly what western medicine it looking for. I suspect that for some aspects of urinalysis the human nose is as sensitive as an analytical machine and can be trained. A dogs nose is even mroe sensitive.

Comment: similar to classic fingerprints (Score 1) 163

by peter303 (#49225121) Attached to: On the Dangers and Potential Abuses of DNA Familial Searching
Which as much as an "art" as a tested science. In situtations of a partial fingerprint there are fewer characteristics to match a database. And they have been incorrect in the past as in the case of the Oregon lawyer mistaken for a Spanish terrorist. Although you may be given the broad odds of a mismatch, I wonder what if there have been actual studies. For example, randomly reduce fingerprint caharacteristics until there are multiple partial matches and see if any are correct.

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