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Comment Re:Nude == Rude? (Score 1) 172

Apology accepted. My daughter will be educated in the ways of life. My point is that it is up to me to decide when my daughter learns these things. That is not a decision left to idiots in the general public.

In other words, I'm not depending on the village to raise my child. If any of the village idiots try, they will find themselves dependent on the village to take care of them.

I'm her parent. Not that asshole.

Comment Re:This is why I gave up PC gaming (Score 4, Interesting) 103

I think he just likes the fact that he can go to the store, buy any game with his console's name on it, and it is guaranteed to work. He doesn't need to worry about having the right OS, the right amount of RAM, the right processor, the right video card, the drivers, and so on. Of course, even if his system is set up perfectly today, the specs will change as his machine ages. In other words, a video card that will play any game today, will not play any game in three years. A PlayStation Three still plays every single game made for a PS3, from the games that came with the system on launch day to the games that are still being released today.

Comment Re:Infinity (Score 1) 1067

But a properly written program should never get in a situation of dividing by zero, and this is one of the dumbest "Ask Slashdot" questions in a while. Masking the interrupt makes about as much sense as driving blindfolded so you don't see the people you are running over.

Let's say a business divides the profit among all employees who meet certain conditions, say, a sales quota. If the profit is $1000 and four employees met the condition, their bonus is $250 ($1000/4). Now, what happens if no employees meet the quota? Your formula ends up being $1000/0 and crashes.

Yes, the programmer should have planned for this, but that is the point of the question. The programmer is tired of combing through thousands of lines of code looking for division to see if it's possible to get a divide by zero error, and then having to sanitize is divisor for every one.

So, I respectfully disagree with your reasons calling this a stupid question. He's asking, "Is there a better way of doing this than method X?" and you're saying, "That's a stupid question because if you used method X, you wouldn't have to worry about finding a better way".

Comment Re:Why is Samsung making a keyboard? (Score 3, Interesting) 104

Because they can make a keyboard to fit the phones they design. For example, my ancient Note 2 keyboard had a number row because it had plenty of room for one. Since rooting and installing CM, I've had a difficult time finding a keyboard that has a number row and is as capable as the one made by Samsung.

Frankly, I don't see this vulnerability being that big of a deal. The hacker would either need access to the root filesystem of your phone WHILE you are updating and have the perfect timing to insert the file AFTER it downloaded but before the update starts, or he would have to pull off a man in the middle attack, which means hanging out at a Starbucks, setting up the fake network, and waiting for someone to come in with a Samsung phone who just happens to download the update while in Starbucks and on your fake network where you can intercept the correct file and replace it with your own.

Yeah... if I were still running sock, I wouldn't be worried.

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