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Comment You can probably afford hardware (Score 3, Insightful) 78

You should buy a something like a SBC (Pi or Arduino) and get a breadboard and some motion control chips and a a stepper motor. All of that together will cost about $60. (Breadboard maybe $10, chips maybe another $10, stepper motor maybe another $10, Raspberry Pi maybe $30). You could at least learn the basics of working with the chips and working with a motor.

Comment Re:Just like being on-call (Score 1) 151

My biggest concern about being on call isn't so much the on call part, but the reliability of the underlying systems I'd be expected to support. I can deal with logging in outside of normal hours once a month or so to reboot some frozen service, but I would go insane if I had to spend all night every night manually running a really troublesome system.

Also, if I would be expected to respond immediately rather than waiting an hour if I choose that would be hugely more stressful. I'm not taking the work phone into the bathroom with me every time.

Comment Re:Noise-cancelling headphones (Score 1) 388

Yeah, I use three layers: 1) over-ear hearing protection like what chainsaw guys use, 2) in-ear earphones, 3) brown noise or rainstorm sounds, turned up as loud as need be.

I sold my $300 noise-cancelling headphones because they didn't do any better, and were much more fragile and harder to replace. (and I'm not an audiophile, I just wanted the noise-blocking)

Comment Re: First... BULLSHIT (Score 1) 223

Also, why wouldn't motivated advertisers identify multiple devices based on Facebook logins or the like? People often login to the same services on all their devices, and I imagine that those services are happy to increase their ad revenue by selling more detailed user data to advertisers.

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