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Comment: Re:Your government at work (Score 2) 335

"Then again, killing civilians indiscriminately with drone strikes as "collateral damage" is pretty barbaric as well."

You are an idiot. The entire purpose of drone strikes is to carry out very targeted killings. If we didn't care about collateral damage and didn't mind indiscriminately killing people, expensive drones would not be necessary. All we'd need is some far cheaper cluster bombs. Maybe some napalm.

Comment: Re:Inproper influence (Score 1) 83

by pete6677 (#49161411) Attached to: Oracle Sues 5 Oregon Officials For 'Improper Influence'

That's not just Oracle. That's every IT consultancy. I've never heard of a large outsourced IT project that wasn't overbudget, behind schedule, and ultimately did not do what it was supposed to do. Of course most in-house projects suffer the same fate. And there's positively zero correlation between certificationed personnel and project success.

Comment: Re:Why the fuck is there a video (Score 1) 271

by pete6677 (#48986851) Attached to: Female-Run Companies Often do Better Than Male-Run Ones (Video)

Because douchebag designers think everyone wants to see their stupid fucking video so it must play as soon as the page loads. This is fine for CNN or similar sites that are primarily visited by drooling morons that struggle to read in the first place, but wholly inappropriate for a "news for nerds" site that Slashdot once was.

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