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Comment Re:Shouldn't this be obvious? (Score 1) 150

Blaming parents is a cop-out.

No it isn't; it's the crux of the problem. In school districts with lots of involved parents, the schools are good because the parents insist on it. Kids that come from homes where parents do not value education hardly ever succeed academically. There are always occasional exceptions, but by in large parental involvement is the single biggest predictor of academic success.

Comment Re:Not a solution! (Score 1) 67

Exactly. I've been saying for years that the cause of traffic congestion is stupid people, one way or the other. They change lanes at a bad time and slow down 2 lanes of traffic at once, they don't pay attention and go when traffic moves in front of them, and they don't stop in time and cause a crash which really screws things up. Get rid of the stupid idiotic human drivers and automobile travel will be truly awesome. Of course the only way this would work is for manual-driving cars to be banned as soon as autonomous cars become widespread enough.

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