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Comment Re:FUCK OFF DICE (Score 1) 685

If you want to exclude people who aren't like you from your own community, that's your prerogative. What is happening is that people are saying that it is not a good way to have the optimal community.

Also, your parasitism point is ... weird. It doesn't make sense. How does making it easier for more people to get involved make them parasites?

Comment Re:FUCK OFF DICE (Score 1) 685

Sure, some people are jerks. That happens. But what the result of using "SJW" and "political correctness gone mad!" is, is that it gets thrown the moment someone says "hey, how about we try to be a bit more nice to other people? you know, try it, see what happens." All of a sudden many people go "rah! you can't tell me what to do! You're such a SJW!"

It's reactionary, stupid, and hinders having a good community.

All these so-called SJW people are trying to do is give a voice to people who don't have much of their own to stop them being so excluded. Because being excluded causes them to have less of a voice. You see how there's a feedback loop there, right?

Comment Re:Next time it'll be cash (Score 1) 345

You don't get to review before approving it? Here the amount shows on the machine, you select the account, and enter your PIN. There's no circumstance where they can modify the amount without you seeing it. Also, we don't do tips, though I have sometimes (maybe more touristy places) seen the machine ask if I wanted to add one.

Comment Re:Use cash. (Score 0) 345

Cash sucks, and if you're overseas, keeping it on hand can be tricky.

Not having a chip-and-pin card is the fault of your banks though, they should have got with the program when the rest of the world did.

Also, the one time the Dutch ticket inspectors check is when you decided they're not going to check on this trip. The other time is when you're touristing and have about 20 old tickets in your wallet that you have to sort through to find the right one.

Comment Re:"with a 2048 bit RSA key" (Score 1) 79

They used bcrypt, according to the article.

"Encrypted" is often said when "hashed" is what is meant.

You don't have private keys for hashing passwords.

It's safest to assume that your password is compromised and act accordingly, but I doubt that it'll actually happen. bcrypt is a pain to brute-force.

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