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Comment: Re:I remember (Score 1) 231

by Eythian (#48347855) Attached to: Berlin's Digital Exiles: Where Tech Activists Go To Escape the NSA

Don't measure against averages, measure against absolutes, or against the best if that's easier.

Have a look here: and sort each column in left-to-right order, only three countries appear at the top. Fortuntately I live in one of them. I expect that we won't be on top in 2015 thought :(

Comment: I am not going to convert (Score 4, Insightful) 245

by ModernGeek (#48189865) Attached to: Help ESR Stamp Out CVS and SVN In Our Lifetime

I might do it for some things, but right now the ability to only checkout a subdirectory[source] is paramount in the way we use svn around here. Nestled with the fact that there are so many git solutions that are third-party hosted only, and so many hostable open source subversion options available, I'll stick with svn.

Moving everything to the cloud, which is marketing speak for someone else's servers, for increased functionality is not an acceptable solution. Sure, you can host your own git repository, but the functionality in the available F/OSS solutions blows.

Comment: Re: I am not alone when I say.... (Score 1) 139

by ModernGeek (#48158285) Attached to: HBO To Offer Online Streaming Without TV Subscription

Does chromecast work on my television that only has VGA or Component? What about my raspberry pi driven LCD mounted next to my bed? They will never touch the lucrative market of Free Open Source Software users until they remove the DRM and start accepting DogeCoin without having to use a third party to accept said coins. I can live with giving them a throwaway email address, but some of us still value our privacy as well.

Comment: Re:This Is Lennart's Defense? (Score 3, Informative) 774

by Eythian (#48100199) Attached to: Systemd Adding Its Own Console To Linux Systems

The bug report isn't about how something got corrupted. It was about dealing with something that got corrupted. Tieing off the bad thing and starting a new one, and making tools that are robust enough to see past the corruption is totally reasonable. Stopping the corruption in the first place should be a whole different bug report.

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