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Comment Re: Europe (Score 1) 160

The National Electric Code is going to start requiring that refrigerators have ground fault interrupt protection. Ground faults are known to fail at random. If your refrigerator had a small, battery powered Wi-Fi IoT device, you could be alerted that your fridge has lost power. Saving you both money and a giant mess. This is even more useful for a second home fridge or a fridge that is less used such as one in a basement. There are certainly other ways to alleviate the failed power fridge problem, such as a GFCI outlet that makes sense audible alarm if tripped, but having another tool in the arsenal isn't always a bad day.

Comment Re:But Why? (Score 1) 135

They want you to enable HSTS for long duration (1 year), with certificates that expire in a week so that when you mess with the authorities and don't comply with their demands, they are able to wipe you off of the Internet faster.

Comment Code Enforcement would save more lives (Score 3, Insightful) 91

I've heard that in a lot of oil rich countries that the stairways of their skyscrapers are used just to store things. Their mentality is that a concrete building would never burn. It's all about the fire load inside of the building, and if your paths of emergency egress is blocked, then your fatality rate is going to be much higher. A regularly inspected fire pump/sprinkler system, automatic magnetic doors closers, and training coupled with a safety plan isn't that expensive or difficult in the context of running a high rise. Followed properly, it will be the safest place you can be in.

Comment Re: 911 Call (Score 4, Informative) 284

Also it's worth noting that many in emergency seevices hold multiple jobs, just like you. Someone that is an EMT at a plant may also be on an ambulance several days a week. That way they have more experience in a busy environment and are able to sit and relax at a job where there are fewer calls. They all generally have the same training regulated through a state ems board. It's not like these companies just hire off the street and have them go through in house power point training.

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