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Comment: Re:Sadly for Canonical... (Score 1) 155

by perryizgr8 (#46590371) Attached to: Canonical's Troubles With the Free Software Community

1. Unity actually provides some benefits. Like for example full screen zoom on smaller laptop screens.

LOL! full screen zoom! such advanced technology! its only been there in windows and linux for ~15 years.

2. It breaks much less of UI conventions.

no it doesn't. it breaks everything. at least windows has the decency of letting users switch between the desktop and metro.

3. You can actually replace Unity with something else within minutes. (Or you can even install the Ubuntu edition without it.)

forgive me if i don't want a neglected product without any sort of support. and the easily replaceable part is moot, that is a property of linux. if canonical thought they could get away with it, they would have locked that down too.

Oh wait, Mint *is* an Ubuntu-based distro.

yeah, one that cares for and upholds the principles ubuntu was built upon.

Comment: Re:More evidence of lack of design (Score 1) 70

by perryizgr8 (#46522125) Attached to: Camera Module Problems May Delay Samsung's Galaxy S5

Fuck design. SGS5 will whip the collective ass of iphone, htc, xperia, lumia in terms of everything that matters (picture quality, screen quality, display quality, audio quality, connectivity, options, battery life, speed, useful features, power). The lack of design is a statement in itself. It says "Fuck you, you fucking wannabe nerds who really just want 'teh shinys'."

Comment: Re: It's like this (Score 2) 664

by perryizgr8 (#46309015) Attached to: Stack Overflow Could Explain Toyota Vehicles' Unintended Acceleration

I know that sometimes its difficult to admit that someone you know well may have made such a stupid mistake, but the probability of your father-in-law being confused/mistaken is a lot more than entire teams of engineers at the world's largest car manufacturer fucking up in such a dangerous manner.

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