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Comment Re: Yes I'm old.. (Score 1) 267 267

What does Windows explorer do if you drag music files onto it. Do you get an audio CD? (honestly I'm asking cause I don't know) If so, what formats, does it handle ogg?

It asks you what you wanna do. It handles any format you want, as long as you have installed the codecs.

Now lets see you drag a bunch of video files into explorer(it's family stuff you recorded with your cellphone right? surely i'm not talking about piracy here) Do you get something that you can pop into your DVD player and have a reasonable expectation that it will actually play?

Works flawlessly. Again, it asks you what you want. You can choose to burn it like a data disc or a DVD.

Mixed mode discs? Finalized or un-finalized RWs?

Works, and works. All right from a simple explorer window. You know, windows gets a lot of flak for stupid UI but their UI is probably the most simple and easy to use.

Comment Re:How about responsive UI's while we're at it (Score 1) 288 288

Chrome on my brand-spankin-new Galaxy S6 edge

Chrome on android is a horrible piece of software. Samsung has done wonders with the 'Internet' browser on S6. It's the fastest browser on any mobile device, if you believe some reviewers. Use that instead of chrome. The only advantage chrome has is the sync with desktop chrome.

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