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Comment Re:New Tab (Score 1) 409

Well, apart from the fact that we spent years fixing leaks and usually have the best memory usage of any browser.

I'd like to see some data on that claim. Because all I have seen in my usage and in random internet reviews is that firefox consistently uses the most memory and runs the slowest (lately even IE has become faster).

Comment Re:Why use ABP (Score 1) 409

Since you are not gonna trust anyone's word for it, being open source should be a big plus for you. You can look at the source and build it yourself. No need to trust anyone new. Otherwise just listen to people who know and stop using that sell-out bloated piece of shit known as adblock plus.

Comment Despite all evidence (Score 2, Insightful) 75

Despite evidence like this which speaks volumes about government intervention in what is a free-market area of expertise, we still have so many people clamoring for the government to offer all kinds of services like healthcare, telephone, internet, etc.

Comment Re:Sounds familiar (Score 1) 411

Actually, benchmarks are not at all part of advertising. Only specs are part of advertising. Whether the components will run so and so game at so and so fps for so and so period of time is never advertised. That is something people measure and tell other people to help them make a buying decision. If your testing methodology is flawed (most benchmarks are), you are at fault.

Comment Re:Color me naive.... (Score 1) 411

Exactly this. I was confused till now that how can the car understand it's undergoing emission testing if I insert a probe into the tailpipe. Now I realize that all of you are talking about reading data from the sensors over OBD. That's just stupid. That's like benchmarking a computer by reading the specs. Emissions testing means capturing the smoke out of the exhaust and analyzing it. That's how it's done in my country and that's the only proper way to do it.

Comment Re: iBore 6.0 (Score 1) 508

You yourself said it can't be an app and then you proceeded to link me some apps? Point is that this "feature" has been on android for a long long time. You don't know any details about how big apple's gifs are going to be or how well the thing is gonna work. It works pretty well on S4, and the quality is good. You can even choose the areas you want to animate and those you want to remain static. It's fun but it's just that: a gimmick. And that is exactly what it's gonna be on ios.

Also, Nokia phones also had this built in. Also, zoe is an in built app for htc phones.

Every nonzero finite dimensional inner product space has an orthonormal basis. It makes sense, when you don't think about it.