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Comment Re:So what (Score 1) 244

You're the demographic that caused IE6. Latching on to one version and sticking your head deep up the ass, while shouting lalalalala... Seriously, just fucking upgrade to a decent modern OS. Move to a new Linux distro, or buy a new Mac, or upgrade to Windows 10. At this point, Win7 is just old and senile. And you using it indicates you haven't evaluated the new OSes and this is just your laziness talking.

Submission + - Reprogramming cancer cells back to normal

jan_jes writes: Researchers have discovered a way to potentially reprogram cancer cells back to normal. The unexpected new biology that provides the code, the software for turning off cancer. Here they studied a new protein called PLEKHA7, which associates with E-cadherin and p120 only at the top, or the “apical” part of normal polarized epithelial cells.

Few months back, researchers showed a new study in which pancreatic cancer cells can be coaxed to revert back toward normal cells by introducing a protein called E47.

Comment Re:Why does he waste his time? (Score 1) 168

Modern physics has evolved into a discipline in which we can treat the universe as an information processor. Everything depends on information. In fact, the speed of light is considered to be more of a speed limit on the propagation of information, not just light. According to our present understanding, there exist several places in the universe that seem to trap information, and it seems that information is lost. Loss of information like this raises many other questions of importance that I am totally unfit to describe.

Submission + - iOS storing enterprise MDM credentials in world readable directory->

mask.of.sanity writes: Apple is storing mobile-device-management enterprise credentials in a directory that is world readable thanks to a sandbox vulnerability (CVE-2015-3269). It affects all apps that use the managed app configuration setting in devices that have not applied the most recent iOS 8.4.1 update.
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Submission + - H-1Bs Don't Replace U.S. Workers->

Okian Warrior writes: [Ask Slashdot] In response to Donald Trump's allegations that H1B visas drive Americans out of jobs, The Huffington Post points to this study which refutes that claim.

From the study: "But the data show that over the last decade, as businesses have requested more H-1Bs, they also expanded jobs for Americans."

This seems to fly in the face of reason, consensus opinion, and numerous anecdotal reports.

Is this report accurate? Have we been concerned over nothing these past few years?

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Submission + - Italian City to Dump OpenOffice for Microsoft After Four Years

An anonymous reader writes: Between 2011 and 2014, the municipality of Pesaro, Italy, trained up its 500 employees to use OpenOffice. However, last year the organization decided to switch back to Microsoft and use its cloud productivity suite Office 365. According to a report from Netics Observatory, the city administration will be able to save up to 80% of the software's total cost of ownership by going back. The savings are largely due to the significant and unexpected deployment costs. In particular, having to repaginate and tweak a number of documents due to a lack of compatibility between the proprietary and the open source systems translated into a considerable waste of time and productivity. The management estimates that every day roughly 300 employees had to spend up to 15 minutes each sorting out such issues.

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