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Comment: Re:8-bit ST412/506 MFM + Linux circa 1994-5 (Score 1) 578

by perigee369 (#31344784) Attached to: Write Bits Directly Onto a Hard Drive Platter?

Get yourself an old, totally unintelligent S412/506 MFM controller from out of an IBM PC or PC/XT. These were fairly dumb devices (g=c800:5 in debug, anyone?)

Refresh my memory - g-c800:5 was the command to low-level format the drive, wasn't it? Damn, my age is showing... lol

Comment: Re:A Mimic Device Is Precisely What They Want (Score 1) 338

by perigee369 (#30673624) Attached to: Microsoft's Risky Tablet Announcement
You should probably check your facts on the current "consoles". You will find out that the Wii has outsold the Xbox 360 and the PS3 by almost double. (Wii 54 mil., X360 32 mil., PS3 27 mil.) And your insistence that MS will win the market buy just throwing enough $$$ at it? You have heard of the Zune, and Zune HD right? Granted, the do have a good share of the keyboard and mouse market...

Comment: Re:I've heard enough about the RIAA (Score 1) 197

by perigee369 (#26249091) Attached to: RIAA's Request For Appeal Denied In Thomas Case
FWIW, I think you're doing a fine job Mr. Beckerman, and thanks for all your hard work on this subject. And there really are a number of peeps here on /. who really need to appreciate you more and take the time to thank you. Without you being involved, I'm sure things would have been much, much worse for our fellow netizens, and the RIAA would be out of control at this point.

Comment: Re:That's a Shame (Score 1) 452

by perigee369 (#22437966) Attached to: Toshiba Making Funeral Plans for HD DVD
What's a real shame is that I already have an HD-DVD player, and as such, really feel no need to buy a Blu-Ray player anyway, UNLESS it is a 'combo' unit, IOW, able to play my HD-DVD discs too. I think then, and only then will I buy a Blu-Ray player... (and be about $99 like the toshiba I bought - not really interested in paying any more than that) I don't see how this 'rush' to embrace Blu-ray helps them sell more, because at this point, I simply have no urgency to buy yet another HD format than what I have.

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